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317 Blood and Treasure (2011-06-30)

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0:00:00JCD: “Their alleged offense? Heterosexuality!” (1:56:48)
0:00:36ACC on Soma muscle relaxant due to back trouble; ACC’s affiliate program canceled by Amazon due to unconstitutional California sales tax; new No Agenda Haiku Show on stream
0:15:34Scripted question from “MKULTRA slave” Julianna Goldman at White House press conference, medley of Obama “corporate jet owners” memes, “matter of days” vs blatant lie “what I told the American people was that the initial phase, where Americans were in the lead, would take days, if, perhaps weeks”, “promise made, promise kept”; Euronews on McCain & Kerry ringing opening bell at Egyptian Stock Exchange, S. 618 for Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund, rebel funding from International Republican Institute with chairman McCain, Mohammed ElBaradei a Soros shill, Wael Ghonim responsible for campaign website
0:33:15Foreign Relations Committee wrangling over boots on the ground in Libya; Obama “rape as a weapon of war”; Lucifer Clinton “whose side are you on?”; NYT on Afghan hotel gunmen
0:41:29MSNBC Morning Joe mock outrage over Mark Halperin calling Obama “kind of a dick”
0:46:25Producer Segment
0:54:52Christine Lagarde installed at IMF, ex-Lehman Brothers Madelyn Antoncic World Bank VP
0:57:50Compilation of Obama’s “blood and treasure” neocon meme ramified throughout C-SPAN
1:02:41EPIC FOIA documents identify cancer cluster among TSA screeners, Johns Hopkins calls out DHS lie about NIST sign-off; DHS “Citizen’s Dosimeter” patent; VIPR highway checkpoints; Time shredded Constitution cover article “One Document Under Siege” full of mistakes
1:10:26Obama lie-fest dodging Chuck Todd’s scripted question: “I’m not going to put my constitutional law professor hat on here”, Gaddafi “responsible for more American deaths than just about anybody on the planet” before bin Laden, JCD: “that include Hitler?”, “reams of information” for Congress lie, epic “there-there-there-there may, there may be a time” stammer
1:22:45ACC recommends book Imperial Life in The Emerald City: Inside Iraq’s Green Zone
1:26:17Donation Segment
1:41:53ACC: “tsunami no, HAARP yes!” on Biblical weirdness on south coast of UK; mysterious “floating city” in China; UFOs and mother ship over London; 2.5Hz HAARP and Fukushima
1:47:11“It follows you” ad for Seroquel XR with 26 seconds of ad and 64 seconds of “death”; flu vaccine now recommended for pregnant women; Anderson Pooper; vaccines in food and drinking water; Rick Perry in favor of mandatory Gardasil in Texas
1:53:44Two to the Head: WHO pandemic critic Prof. Lars Haaheim dead on fishing trip; Reuters: Michael Jackson now worth $310M after being $400M in debt
1:56:21NYT on softball team stripped of Gay World Series second place for heterosexuality; Lucifer Clinton on bringing Lady Gaga to Rome for EuroPride festival; JCD reads his Nigerian spam
2:00:36NBC hit piece with Isaac Yeffet vs TSA nominee Erroll Southers on adult diaper searches
2:06:11Mathematicians campaigning for π replacement by τ; electrical grid slowdown in Venezuela; Comac C919 passenger jets made in China; New Zealand prisoners smoking nicotine patches
2:13:06Army offering to buy flooded land in North Dakota; jail for bad restaurant review in Taiwan
2:18:30Judge trying to get Jared Loughner to testify under antipsychotics; E.coli outbreak possibly from Egypt; Tony Blair and Bill Clinton starting bank venture; Julian Assange keynote gigs
2:23:27All US presidents but Van Buren related to 13th Century King of England
2:26:02Awful WAMU NPR “Tech Tuesday” intro; Michael Bloomberg Fox & Friends meme-fest: “the Second Amendment doesn’t protect terrorists”, Adam Gadahn “a real terrorist!”