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316 Adios, MOFO! (2011-06-26)

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0:00:00JCD: “Let’s face it, he doesn’t know what a hashtag is from hash browns.” (1:41:00)
0:00:34FICO score being used to determine care insurance rates
0:03:05Two Libya bills in House of Representatives, Dennis Kucinich on White House treating Constitution like “doormat”, Ron Paul on H.R.2278’s stealth legitimization of Obama’s actions
0:08:15Barney “Twinkletoes” Frank turns media into “blithering idiots” with marijuana legalization distraction, “to get this discussion going” lie; CNN pessimism from stoned Tommy Chong
0:15:03Bill Maher’s audience aghast at his disillusionment with Obama; New York gay marriage law vs Democrat-controlled California’s inability to pass same or legalize marijuana; JCD stint as certified tax preparer, Ms. Micky’s 9.7% use tax; Rick Perry’s 2005 “adios, mofo!”
0:25:05Producer Segment
0:34:49FBI nabs Whitey Bulger after decades of covering up informant role, nervous New York Times journalist Abby Goodnough on sketchy anonymous tip story; JCD story: Silicon Spin guest who “froze”; journalist Kevin Cullen on FBI investigating “sightings” in exotic locales
0:42:21Geert Wilders found not guilty of inciting hatred, new integration bill abandoning “multicultural society”; Haiku Herman handing out €100k glossy brochures promoting new €240M “egg” European Council building, ACC: “they’re discussing Greek slaves eating rats to pay off the banks”, Van Rompuy offers banks “informal and voluntary rollovers of existing debt”
0:49:00Greek communist politician to Newsnight: EU like “autocracy”; ACC on meme of political elites deflecting anger onto elites, Lucifer Clinton on shenanigans of the Pakistani “elite”; Greek politician’s rant on “euro as a weapon to colonalize poorer countries” cut off by Newsnight
0:57:27ACC’s “gay-bors” reading Confessions of an Economic Hit Man; CNN report on psychics and astrologers reading the future of Ben Bernanke and the economy in general
1:03:15Obama “hello Pittsburgh!” for Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute; posthumous Medal of Honor botch with Tenth Mountain Division, “service” as presidential candidate
1:11:24Donation Segment: CVC’s friend Juan in need of podcast license; Hot Pockets 2008 Tour map
1:27:14John’s Gonna Hum The Sunday Times: bad photo of douchebag Republicans, natural gas “bubble”, Gaza building boom, Bay Bridge and “commercial jetliners” made in China
1:33:15Electric grid frequency experiment expected to cause havoc with clocks
1:39:30Douchebag John McCain tweets from Egypt rubbing shoulders with business elites
1:41:24Ask Adam: Frontline on WikiLeaks’ Arab Spring role, MIA Assange replaced by LulzSec, David Cameron’s friend Christopher Shale suicided; Iranian prison guards handing out condoms for “mass rape” of opposition; McLaughlin Group on huge US Embassy in Iraq, Berger Devine Yaeger’s “indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity” contracts, GSA Standard Form 33
1:59:20Glastonbury U2 concert protestors roughed up over “U pay tax 2?” balloon; E. coli in France
2:03:28“Oh my gosh!” from Don Lemon over computer-generated Japanese pop idol Aimi Eguchi
2:09:52Release of Strategic Petroleum Reserves a premature move potentially leaked to speculators
2:15:35UN finds heroin cheapest in Belgium; Ray Nagin’s new book asserts he was in fear for his life from federal government; climate professor Curt Stager walks into ACC’s peak oil trap
2:20:27Repurposed BCG tuberculosis vaccine for diabetes; “she got sick being vaccinated” in 1950s Robert Mitchum movie; Gardasil for six-month-olds, smoking no longer causing oral cancer
2:28:24Margaret Thatcher channeling Nigel Farage in 1980: “no, no, no!”
2:30:09“The new kind of journalism, let’s play peeping Tom!” in 1950s film Run to the Sun
2:32:07Bill Maher elites all-in on journalism licenses; Judge Napolitano for end of show