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315 Agenda 21 (2011-06-23)

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0:00:00ACC: “We’re attacking the CIA computers and taking names and databases and addresses!
0:00:38JCD test driving “I can’t get laid-mobile” Chevy Volt; German E. coli traced to bean sprouts
0:04:56Obama’s “rapid” 5,000-troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, patriotic songs on The Voice
0:08:48Outrage over Fox editing Jon Stewart interview; distraction from grinning Robert Gates’ “limited kinetic operation” in Libya, “if I’m in Gaddafi’s palace, I suspect I think I’m at war”, Obama ignoring “advice” from Pentagon general counsel, legal definition of “hostilities”
0:14:30Anthony Weiner a distraction from Agenda 21 Executive Order 13575 White House Rural Council, “strong, sustainable rural communities are essential to winning the future”, Clinton advisor J. Gary Lawrence: “we call our process something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management or smart growth”, EPA’s Soviet-style
0:27:40“Televangelist from Texas” Rick Perry: “and you can always follow me on Tweeter”
0:30:24Anthony Weiner keeping pension and $5M in campaign contributions; producer note on Lucifer Clinton’s “pretty young Arabian thing” girlfriend, JCD: “meanwhile, Weiner’s a beard!”
0:35:02Producer Segment: producer’s grandmother advised by TSA on brassiere choice
0:45:21Cameron Diaz goes off script with Jimmy Fallon: “weed is awesome!”; European “bad coke” meme followed by levamisole “it can cause your flesh to rot!” contamination in US
0:55:26Law & Order “boots on the ground, that’s your slogan, isn’t it?” iso
0:55:58And Now Back to Real News: Entertainment Tonight Kardashian wedding cake flavor revelation: “vanilla with chocolate!”, JCD: fractal of the Gabor sisters
1:01:43Mother Jones article on TSA VIPR searching Greyhound stations and trolleys; FICO Medication Adherence Score; $86 fine in King County WA for swimmers not wearing life jacket
1:09:13Matt Lauer: “how do you convince people that you are not just an interesting fringe candidate”, Ron Paul: “I wanna legalize freedom, what’s so bad about that?”, Lauer plays the ageist card, JCD: “the real overlords aren’t gonna let this guy even get close to nomination”
1:15:22Anti-austerity riots across Europe; investor Marc Faber: “Greece is a write-off, you can’t have the kind of debts Greece has with olive oil income”; CNBC reluctantly mentions EU breakup; stammering Ben Bernanke blames economic slowdown on roster of “headwinds”
1:25:26Donation Segment: Glenn Beck peddling gold and seeds
1:42:22JCD’s father’s Democrats “war party” turned on its head by “idiot” Barbara Boxer: “I think it’s just great that all of a sudden the Republicans have decided that they don’t love every single war”; George Will schools sellout Christiane Amanpour on “national security hawks”
1:47:39Liar Fareed Zakaria all-in on Iceland “junking its own constitution and starting anew”; Icelandic proposal for “clean and unspoiled nature” as human right; JCD on the evils of pure democracy, ACC: “I’m calling your Green Card, Farak, Fareed!” (JCDPPotD)(ACCPPotD)
2:02:56Social Intelligence Corporation social media dossiers for employers; hysterical BBC on arrest over false flag “secret government data under repeated attack over the internet!”; Anonymous & LulzSec posting plans on Twitter; TSA to irradiate small children instead of groping them
2:13:13Ad for Lyrica “believed to” treat fibromyalgia; The Lancet news package for HPV vaccines: “we need to target younger women”; JCD on upcoming “patent cliff” and generic drug bribes
2:24:05Trains Good Planes Bad: capitalizing on airlines shutting down over latest volcanic eruption
2:26:38Chuck Schumer goes off script: “one is deficit, uh, one is infrastructure”; Tim Geithner promises debt reduction with or without Congress; Obama “buenas tardes!
2:30:47Southwest pilot on hot mic: attendants “continuous stream of gays and grannies and grandes”