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314 Qaeda CEO (2011-06-19)

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0:00:00ACC: (Maniacal laughter)Sex sex sex sex sex! Sex sex sex sex!” (2:08:52)
0:00:39Happy Father’s Day from, Republican follow-up to Obama message promoting Cargill, White House red nail polish and cheerleading with dad video
0:06:25Cute Russia Today reporter runs into cloud of Greek riot tear gas; another fires back at insulting Times of London “that’s preposterous!” douchebag on basis of BBC’s state funding
0:12:36CBC on “babies in incubators” story concocted by Hill+Knowlton to justify first Iraq war; Human Rights Council’s flimsy evidence for mass rape revisited, CNN cell phone broomhandle sodomy video, “to be clear, we have been unable to verify its authenticity”, JCD: “wow, what a crock!”, Lucifer Clinton “troubled” right on schedule, “rape as a weapon of war” meme, Misrata Media Center spokeshole on keeping internet active “for the team of Facebook”, former KTVU reporter Sara Sidner sent by CNN to India weeks before Mumbai hotel attack
0:29:57Producer note: neither Public Law 107-40 nor War Powers Resolution can authorize war
0:32:23John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: tease for Obama squatting on golf course
0:33:32Producer Segment: The Edmontonian Presents TV PR
0:43:44Anthony Weiner possibly honeypotted by fake Twitter accounts, no mention of his mentor Chuck Schumer; Dutch unimpressed with Patricia’s sexual allegations about ACC
0:47:34Douchebag Rick Perry at Republican Leadership Conference channeling George W. Bush, ACC’s televangelist routine, “take your phone out” to collect names for the mailing list
0:53:16Ron Paul on Obama’s “condescending” definition of non-war, “I think we oughtta vote for the right to drink raw milk!”; Bill O’Reilly too stupid to understand Paul’s fast-talking “Keynesian bubble” deconstruction; JCD on right-wing radio stations owned by left-wingers
1:02:12Fox Business on al-Qaeda’s “new CEO” al-Zawahiri “about as inspiring as a potted plant”, author Ralph Peters lists everywhere in the world an attack might occur, “bureaucrat of jihad”, /zahwaxri/ alternative pronunciation script, al-Awlaki getting “more ink”, “target wishlist” including “big win” Eton College, media figures meme, ACC predicts Blitzer & Cooper
1:16:04JCD narrates overproduced BBC piece on Lancaster University student Sadiq Belhaj traveling to Libya to fight Gaddafi, “I decided to go and hold a gun for the first time in my life”
1:24:50BBC hit piece with The Guardian’s Nick Davies on Julian Assange
1:27:45Donation Segment
1:41:12John’s Gonna Hum the Sunday Times: Obama-Boehner golf outing, foreclosure backlog, hit piece on Clarence Thomas for friendship with real estate magnate Harlan Crow, caps and gowns for home schoolers, Obama courting gay vote, “Qaeda” and Afghanistan pullout
1:54:39“Lone wolf terrorist” ammonium nitrate backpack scare near Pentagon, conveniently timed with prison radicalization hearing; “If You See Something Say Something” trademark
2:03:00ACC proposes switching stream over to all talk to compete with NPR, or all Louie Louie
2:06:06Ask Adam: CA high school yearbooks confiscated as child pornography due to “sex act” photo
2:09:07C-SPAN on “communist in the making” Eisenhower; $30bn in Greek debt held by US banks
2:13:04Trains Good Planes Bad: Bay Area man kicked off US Airways for wearing baggy pants; Metro North train conductor unimpressed with potty-mouthed passenger
2:21:28State Department “get out” for Americans in Syria; Hillary all-in on peacekeepers for Sudan
2:24:35QR codes on Dutch coins; National Solar Observatory predicting activity drop; Chantix heart attack warning label; Australian HPV vaccine “success”, meth abuse vaccine on the way
2:29:37French Conseil supĂ©rieur de l’audiovisuel bans “Twitter” and “Facebook”; LoC tweet archive