Call Clooney!

312 Illegal in Tennessee (2011-06-12)

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0:00:00ACC: “The following program may intimidate or frighten people in the state of Tennessee and therefore is illegal and void where prohibited by law elsewhere. Stop listening.” (2:16:43)
0:00:41JCD’s “In the Morning!” slide whistle, “new feature” tease
0:02:00Anthony Weiner in treatment for hypersexual disorder, ACC’s lawyer friend’s two-to-the-head theory; breathless Rachel Maddow hit piece on Weiner DM conversation with girl in Delaware
0:10:29German E. coli outbreak linked to bean sprouts by “epidemiological studies”, 33 dead blamed on organic farm near Hamburg, ACC: “Whole Foods, you might as well shut down!”; anti-Monsanto documentary on discovery of Roundup-resistant E. coli DNA; 33 “all clear” theory
0:20:52Producer Segment
0:34:30JCD’s Twitter demographics survey with age range “40-plus”, preselected 5-10 hours per day
0:40:00West Wing Week continues auto industry rescue lie: Obama “good job, way to get our money back” to Chrysler manager, annoying voiceover: “the President, though, made a decision to rescue the American auto industry”, “vindicates my faith” head-scratcher; “Consult the Book of Knowledge!” jingle; Obama tackles National Spelling Bee “cymotrichous”
0:49:17Obama weekly address on community college “manufacturing credential” and subsequent “degree”; Obama’s American dream: “they’re just looking for a job that covers their bills; they’re looking for a little financial security; they wanna know that if they work hard and live within their means, everything will be all right: they’ll be able to get ahead and give their kids a better life”, ACC: “here kid, I’m dead, here’s a dollar!” (ACCPPotD)
0:57:00White House “cookout” for Angela Merkel, Mitch McConnell’s shit-eating grin for Elaine Chao, Obamas fans of James Taylor, Merkel baffled by militaristic pomp, bowing debacle
1:03:12Leon Panetta to John McCain in endless confirmation hearing: “a thousand al-Qaeda” in Iraq
1:07:4690-page UN Human Rights Council report finally in: “not in a position to identify those responsible” in Libya, “inference” that Gaddafi was involved, interview with “only one victim of rape”; BBC “rape as a weapon of war” lie vs “sufficient information received to justify further investigation” of both sides; Don Lemon introduces “a face of the story now we really want you to see” five-year-old amputee, JCD: “this is done by a PR company!”
1:21:30Ron Paul on Obama’s “insult to Congress” using NATO to start wars, “none of our business”
1:25:22Shep Smith on Syrian helicopter gunships firing on crowds with zero casualties; London resident Jelena Lecic on having her photo used as missing blogger “A Gay Girl in Damascus”, activist Mahmoud Hamad: “I don’t know of anyone who has spoken to her in person”
1:32:52Donation Segment
1:48:29New feature: JCD deconstructs Sunday Times front page with Afghan ad-hoc Wi-Fi network Apple plug, Obama gets tough on terrorists meme, rich people with $230k guard dogs
1:55:10Underwhelming WWDC keynote; Robert Powell Marketwatch article on retirement at age 84
1:58:34Rumors of Hillary Clinton seeking position at World Bank; IMF cybersecurity breach
2:06:07New Jersey Supreme Court rules bloggers are not journalists, Judy Miller all-in on shield law
2:13:09Tennessee harassment law makes it illegal to post “distressing” photos
2:17:01Donald Trump video calling out GOP stupidity for letting Obama win; JCD on mob-style “friend of ours”, Trump to Bill O’Reilly: Anthony Weiner “not a good guy”
2:21:22O’Reilly vents 18-year-old “media grudge” against Roger Moore: “pinhead? yeah”
2:23:08Anonymous vs Bernanke, 33 Minutes documentary, Al Jazeera Lockerbie documentary, Haitian election corruption on WikiLeaks, Medscape article on $231bn value of vaccines