Call Clooney!

311 Holy e-Coli Batman (2011-06-09)

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0:00:00JCD: Ding!Hot Pockets!” (1:17:29)
0:00:33“Lying sack of garbage” Anthony Weiner taking over CNN; Reince Priebus to Greta Van Susteren: Democrats “should call for his resignation”; CNN’s edited-out mention of Hillary Clinton “body man” Huma Abedin, lesbian relationship rumors, 2010 wedding to Weiner “the beard” officiated by Bill Clinton, sketchy pregnancy rumors, Hillary’s golden opportunity to come out of closet, ACC outraged by JCD’s comment “so that picture in the War Room with Hillary with her hand to her face, she was actually smelling her girlfriend?”
0:17:19Producer Segment: No Agenda TWiT brick,
0:26:15Antibiotic resistant E coli strain in German outbreak, medical expert: “perfect bug” with two unique DNA sequences, kidney failure in 600 victims, “do you think that this is nature acting in a bioterroristic way?”; Russia Today (still in need of hot blonde reporters) expert theorizes media manipulation of public opinion, “psychological warfare” like disappearing flu scares
0:35:39Congressional Medal of Freedom for Angela Merkel, @lagarde_imf changed to @lagarde, Obama’s militaristic gold eagle Rose Garden lectern and “guten Abend!
0:39:26Life of the Party: A Political Press Tart Bares All by Lisa Baron targeting GOP
0:42:07And Now Back to Real News: Extra Weiner “falls on the sword” vs Entertainment Tonight targeting Schwarzenegger and “Pippa pounding the pavement”
0:49:28Kucinich War Powers bill voted down; 80,000-strong “rallies” in Athens over new austerity measures, JCD on Triffid-like police whistles in Madrid; Jean-Claude Juncker’s “let them eat rats”, $3bn IMF loan for Egypt; Susan Rice intends to be on “right side of history” with Syria
0:59:05“Horrible human being” Berkelet hummer Jill Abramson: “I feel pride in the girl thing!
1:02:20PBS on five more US drone strikes in Pakistan; “abhorrent” story of Department of Education SWAT invading Stockton home looking for evidence of student loan fraud
1:10:35Donation Segment: NPR buries story of Carbonite buying Fanfare and screwing its customers
1:23:12Anthony Weiner’s potential Knight ring imprint from Huma at press conference
1:25:11YouTube video of “moon base on Mars”; massive solar flare as predicted
1:27:07ACC’s interview with Gary Johnson: elimination of corporate tax and aFederal Reserve; Pat Buchanan gripes to The McLaughlin Group about lack of Romney alternative; Johnson on getting rid of DHS, unconstitutional regime change in Libya, doppelgänger Ryan Stiles
1:42:44Ayman al-Zawahiri video eulogizing Osama bin Laden, Wolf Blitzer: “official confirmation” bin Laden is dead, JCD Googling “pork fat gun lube”; Obama on glacially slow withdrawal from Afghanistan, new shill Ryan Crocker cautioning against withdrawing too many people, JCD on infinitely-long boot camp for morons; TSA propaganda for Global Entry program
1:51:27Bombing in “a matter of days and not a matter of weeks” Tripoli, ACC: “where’s my whistle?”
1:54:04Facebook requiring government ID to reestablish identity, facial recognition for stalkers
1:58:54BBC podcast on US 9/11 conspiracy theorists with “toxic distrust of public institutions”
2:03:12Texas sheriff hoodwinked by “psychic” into investigating dozens of dismembered bodies
2:06:46James “the Flasher” Carville predicts civil unrest due to unemployment
2:09:32Black Agenda Radio on USAID downgrading Haiti Earthquake death toll, Oasis Haiti hotel
2:13:55CDC study finds more risky behavior in gay and bisexual teens; anti-obesity vaccine in animal trials; coxsackievirus in Vietnam; media hype over brain scans to predict Alzheimer’s
2:17:23British government denies inquest for WMD whistleblower Dr. David Kelly
2:19:34Outro: predictions on new distraction of the week to replace Anthony Weiner