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310 Hail the Foot (2011-06-05)

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0:00:46ACC testing mobile setup in “Hot Pockets Mobile” at Borrego Springs, AT&T the coverage winner, Borrego Springs “golf course with RVs”; C-SPAN’s miserable video technology
0:11:36ACC: German E. coli outbreak “possible biological attack”, infections “said to be slowing”, “new hybrid strain”, “antibody therapy”, Russia Today: “critics believe the pharmaceutical industry may be the one to benefit from the vegetable panic”, misplaced blame on Spanish cucumbers and insults from Merkel; JCD on Chilean trade dispute and two strychnine-injected grapes; Russia Today jab at EU flu hysteria; producer tries for Hot Pockets sponsorship
0:25:46Producer Segment: JCD’s son Buzzkill Jr.; Knight rings now in stock
0:39:08Berkeley hummer Jill Abramson: “that’s a great description, Jimmmuh, I hoped it would commmuh … definitely it was a maybeee”, ACC: “it’s like a Buddhist monk!” (CotD) splash screen possibly collecting information for 2012 campaign; Chrysler loan “refi” and government fleet purchase scam, JCD on publishing books based on pre-sales; Obama at Toledo Chrysler plant: “I just met with slaves workers including Jill Opium”, ACC: “it’s a plantation”, Obama’s American dream: “send your kids to college, and retire with dignity, security, and respect”, “fundamental American promise that if you work hard and act responsibly, you’ll be able to pass on a better life to your kids and your grandkids”, “we’re facing some tuft headwinds” gaffe; Obama proclaims June Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month, ACC: “it’s LGBTQAS USA Pride Month”, JCD on mystery of the acronym’s G-L transposition, ACC irked by “no mention of bi-curious”
0:56:36ESPN National Spelling Bee hexafoos “can I please have the language of origin?”
1:02:55UN report recommends legalization of illicit drugs; British pharmacies being robbed of opium-derived oxycodone; The Taliban Shuffle author Kim Barker mutters “crazy town!” in reference to Hamid Karzai who refuses to be interviewed by male reporters, US preference for well-dressed “one-stop shopping” dictators, Karzai’s paranoia and isolation, Wag the Dog reference
1:12:13A Privilege to Die: Inside Hezbollah’s Legions and Their Endless War Against Israel author Thanassis Cambanis stammering about “elite” widows of Muslim martyrs
1:15:50Donation Segment: JCD’s heel goed “hail the foot”; ACC’s “rig” at the RV park
1:39:11Lucifer Clinton’s Situation Room “thirty-eight minutes” as maximum Stargate wormhole time
1:42:52Ask John: “Bad Bling” headline referring to Lindsay Lohan’s malfunctioning Gitmo jewelry
1:44:51JCD’s “India is fucked up” clip from Newsnight: 800M people living on 30 cents a day
1:47:53CNBC LIBOR trader on “near panic”, “we’re on the verge of a Great Great Depression”
1:50:52JCD PC Magazine Sony hacker article drops in “lone wolf” meme
1:52:10Virginia Attorney General on FCC’s “brazen” attempt to regulate the internet in defiance of the courts; Department of Energy unilaterally abandons plans for Yucca Mountain nuclear fuel dump, Rep. Jay Inslee chews out DoE spokeshole: “this is the equivalency of a failed state”; EPA head Lisa Jackson’s 2009 vow to “transform the American economy”
2:04:14Call for producers to archive Google Video Conspiracy of Silence documentary
2:05:40Producer note on Fox ditching satellite distribution ahead of 2012-2013 solar flare activity
2:07:36Deep-voiced ad for Motorcycle Mechanics Institute ; Ms. Micky’s ADR residuals
2:10:491600 people stung by jellyfish on Florida coast thanks to “changing weather patterns”
2:12:08Sarah Palin “building her brand” meme and divorce rumor; Condoleezza Rice’s revolving-door relationship with Chevron; Hillary Clinton hosting Iraq Business Roundtable war profiteers
2:19:33Unelected European Commission’s €300,000 spent on cocktail parties in 2009