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30 Authoritarianism (2008-05-10)

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0:00:22JCD’s Korea trip: smog floating in from China, Itaewon tailor shops, jewel case shirt pocket; Bill Gates’ personal computer invention claim; Gina Smith curating ACC’s Wikipedia page
0:10:42Chinese nationalists going after Carrefour grocery chain, Olympic torch relay protests; JCD on “pathetic” news correspondents in Beijing smog cloud, deadly hoof and mouth outbreak, norovirus at Moscone Center JavaOne, gross keyboards
0:21:16UK’s 4M surveillance cameras involved in only 3% of crimes solved, camera mooning meme, Dutch radio host urging traffic camera vandalism, camera GPS databases, ubiquitous Dutch traffic jams, unused Berkeley bike lanes; rising oil & food prices; AIG’s bogus AAA rating
0:32:40Skype store at Seoul airport, GSM’s bogus universality; Freesat UK, C Band HD, BBC broadcasting Commodore VIC-20 programs, US ratings down 14%, JCD on constantly-changing time slots, monetization via DVD; Mevio 110 TV pilot deal; JCD on Sumner Redstone and SpongeBob’s odd comedy type, CVC “slimed” at Nickelodeon studios
0:52:32French kissing on the wane among UK boys; sex tapes all the rage; UK CCTV database, The Get Out Clause music video from FOIA’d CCTV footage, Albert Brooks’ Real Life, ACC story: John de Mol’s Golden Cage “mood tape” precursor to Big Brother
1:05:01London public transport open container ban, middle-aged British football hooligans; American timidity due to perpetual orange terror alert, ACC’s authoritarianism PDF, T.W. Adorno’s The Authoritarian Personality, JCD on abusive banks; the week’s upcoming activities