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309 Syria Be Next (2011-06-02)

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0:00:00JCD: (falsetto)I’m offended by such usage!” (2:24:43)
0:00:35Aric the Shill’s new human resource Henri the Shill, Mimi’s menagerie unencumbered by goats; ABC on Canadian couple’s five-month-old child “Storm” of no fixed gender, similar case in Sweden, ACC: promotion for Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album
0:09:29Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper finally jumping on Anthony Weiner story, new “certitude” vocabulary item, no technology press on Twitter hackability; Weiner wrangles with Bret Baier on tasking security firm with taking “hard look”, sitting down for a “brief moment”; Blitzer: “are you protecting anyone?”, Weiner: “yes, I’m protecting my wife”, mention of Huma Abedin working for Hillary Clinton edited out, ACC: “techno-experts”
0:21:11Producer Segment: $33.33 podcast licenses; Hot Pockets Tour RV; Gary Johnson interview
0:38:25Lucifer Clinton to French TF1 television: “the United States still flies 25% of every day’s sortées”, new variant on bin Laden Situation Room story “breath-holding moment”, 38 minutes meme, scripted “qualified woman” Christine Lagarde question, no boots on the ground claim vs NATO Secretary General and “group of armed foreigners” on helicopter missions
0:50:10Crackpot Dominique Strauss-Kahn theory: Ft. Knox gold missing with Egyptian banker parallel scandal; Cain and Abel theory with Federal Reserve advisor Marc-Olivier Strauss-Kahn
0:55:41Obama’s Memorial Day golf game, ACC: “he could’ve mowed the lawn for somebody”
0:59:18Nationwide power outages after previous show during unreported class C solar flare or squirrels chewing on Burbank power cables, JCD on squirrels acquiring taste for Pacific Bell capsaicin-laced cable insulation, ACC’s “power lesbian couple” suspect EMP strike
1:06:01CNN “hacker” meme with fake PBS NewsHour Tupac Shakur story, “the hacking thing is out of control!”; unavailable, elusive cybersecurity bill
1:13:26Soap opera anti-college meme reinforcing student debt stories, CIA recruiter Peter Thiel paying students to drop out, American universities in demand by foreign students meme
1:19:31Donation Segment:; PBS to run ads every fifteen minutes
1:38:44ACC on Air France 447 Pitot tube sensor issue, copilot’s nose-up maneuver contrary to all pilot training, Boeing wins in Emirates deal, Eurocopter running Windows NT; JCD at Ford “talking car” event, Ray LaHood’s black boxes for liability and taxation; Progressive “snapshot discount” ad; JCD smog check “retroactive tickets” prediction, “I think we can use a donation to the police retirement fund” blackmail, Progressive “usage-based insurance program”, Ms. Micky’s $243 right turn, JCD on Oakland police busting people for stopping in bus lanes
1:54:3345 reports per day of TSA stealing laptops and wallets and paying hush money; The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander, crime and incarceration rates decoupled due to war on drugs, for-profit prison slave labor
2:02:18Obama expected to bring home a staggering 5,000 troops; Rep. Tom Rooney on reining in Obama with War Powers Resolution; ACC “Long Dong Silver” Anthony Weiner theory
2:09:23Magic 33 civilian casualties signal in Syria, Wes Clark Seven revisited; Stephen Harper’s “mission accomplished” moment: “Afghanistan is no longer a threat to the world”
2:15:09Dennis Kucinich channeling Ron Paul on Federal Reserve; War Powers reform bill on hold
2:20:20Victoria Australia law to fine indecent language in fight against “antisocial behaviour”
2:24:5893 Swedish flu vaccine narcolepsy cases, WHO finally taking notice; EU to review aspartame safety; Spanish produce blamed by “veg traders” for German E. coli outbreak affecting “young adults and preferably women”; “Brown Air”; WHO downplaying severity