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303 Starship Troopers 4 (2011-05-12)

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0:00:00JCD: “I don’t want sugar in my croissant.” (2:09:34)
0:00:37Fukushima reactor core #1 fuel exposed to air
0:01:46Sen. James Inhofe describes “grueling” Osama bin Laden photos: “three of the first twelve pictures were of Obama when he was alive”, bullet wound from ear to eye socket; JCD on Congressional alcoholism, ACC’s Uncle Don planning invasion over late-night scotch
0:08:15Google smear campaign by PR firm Burson-Marsteller commissioned by Facebook
0:13:26PR shill Sarah H. Bridges with in-studio IFB to Fox on multi-million-dollar settlements for child vaccine injuries, interviewer’s scripted “cover up”, JCD on subtle push for DNA collection; North Carolina schools raffling iPods for vaccinations; South Park “HumancentiPad”
0:27:20Ten-second global warming ad from defunct site; British government propaganda asserting impact on Wi-Fi; warnings from Vatican panel
0:31:55Chuck Schumer proposes train “no-ride list”; CNN’s Paul Cruickshank on “lone wolves” hanging out on Facebook; Allahu akbar-screaming Yemeni’s attempt to invade American Airlines cockpit thwarted by passengers, TSA looking like idiots; TSA “poop police” infant patdown
0:44:06Producer Segment: reindeer Hot Pockets proposal; ACC interview by Producer Maynard
0:53:52Law & Order “I got whipped plenty, and I’m a marketing executive”; “bristle side down”
0:55:25Van Rompuy’s Europe Day “together forever” haiku; UN press event “they need a shake-hand”
0:58:20JCD irked by “veggies” in e-mail, “yum” in Yelp reviews (JCDPPotD)
1:00:07ACC: “the slaves are revolting!” in Greece, Denmark pulling out of Schengen Agreement; right-wing flap over rapper Common’s “abhorrent” song lyrics and White House invitation
1:06:34Condoleezza Rice shilling for intelligence services to Fareed Zakaria
1:10:21And Now Back to Real News: Eurovision Song Contest; FIFA bribed for Qatar selection
1:14:58“Bit-curious” ACC: Bitcoin “virtual equivalent of gold”, BTC 100 for one Daily Source Code
1:21:13O’Biden to returning troops: “the only thing that’s more exciting than seeing you gettin’ off, is watching your families watch y’all get off”; The Onion on Obama’s “high-speed bus plan”
1:22:44Trains Good Planes Bad: JCD’s $40 train to Seattle; Ray LaHood to Morning Joe: bin Laden may or may not have threatened rail, $2bn in upgrades for Congress, “we just signed agreements with our freight rail friends”; JCD “it’s pretty suspicious if you ask me!” ringtone
1:32:43Donation Segment:
1:42:28AT&T CEO’s bullcrap for Congress on Microsoft’s “wireless operating system”; ACC’s letter from AT&T gloating about upgrades; HAARP QRM, predicted Rome earthquake hits Spain
1:47:44Shadow Puppet Theater: Meredith Attwell Baker leaving FCC for Comcast, Sheila Bair leaving FDIC; Robert G. Taub moved from military to Postal Regulatory Commission
1:52:48“See something say something” stolen by DHS from Starship Troopers 3, “hey, citizen!”
1:56:47Chuck Grassley “shut up slave” for AT&T shutting rural carriers out of roaming agreements
2:01:17Al Jazeera on Nepali UN camp latrines and Haiti cholera outbreak; Bill & Hillary Clinton delegation to Martelly inauguration, $2M from Clinton Bush Haiti Fund for Royal Oasis Hotel
2:06:16“Sugar is sugar” propaganda from, JCD finding HFCS in bread and croissants
2:10:10Cheesy General Hospital dialogue to celebrate end of soap operas, ACC’s Another World gig
2:12:49Navy suspends same-sex marriage; Gunter Sachs suicide; Wael Ghonim’s book Revolution 2.0
2:16:31FBI wiretap documents FOIA’ed by ACLU redact names of carriers ratting out customers
2:18:17Libya opposition to visit White House in spite of still-living Gaddafi; 2012 defense bill hiding updated AUMF with “associated forces” language; rumors of FEMA boxcars with shackles