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302 Web Savvy Wolf (2011-05-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “Mine says my computer is fast.” ACC: “Really?”
0:00:40“Lone wolf” howl iso; script-reading George Stephanopolous on promises of retaliation from al-Qaeda, “mother lode” of files from bin Laden compound, Pierre Thomas: “greatest hits album of al-Qaeda aspirations”, “numerous hallmark al-Qaeda plots”, JCD: “that sounded like Doug!”, minority recruitment, threats on trains; Obama “no takin’ off your shoes” revisited
0:10:15MSNBC at war with Republicans, JCD: Ed Schultz hate-mongering “psychopath”; Condoleezza Rice to douchebag Lawrence O’Donnell on aluminum tubes: “we didn’t go to Iraq to bring democracy any more that dealing with Adolf Hitler was to bring democracy to Germany”
0:17:04Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: Rumsfeld’s “hordes of intelligence” claim “preposterous”, based on reports from his lackeys, “let me waterboard Donald Rumsfeld, and then we’ll see if he says it’s torture or not!”, potential war crimes charges; JCD on Bush 43’s avoidance of travel
0:21:26Joe O’Biden looking more and more like Henry Winkler, warm-up act for Obama at Fort Campbell, commiseration with troops “back up in those damn mountains”, “assaulters” who nailed bin Laden, lame story of granddaughter mistaking SEALs and whales
0:25:30ACC “warning, warning!” of pilot whales beaching in Florida
0:26:20Producer Segment: and
0:33:26Larry King’s Alzheimer’s show; federal crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries in spite of Obama’s promise, pharmaceutical industry seeking a monopoly
0:36:16C-SPAN on closed Pentagon briefing for press, “lots of new information and a lot of new details are coming out”, “death throes” for al-Qaeda, al-Zawahiri unpopular; attempted droning of al-Awlaki in Yemen; bin Laden “home videos” with redacted audio, “most interesting one” footage of bin Laden watching himself on 13-inch TV with grey beard
0:43:39Joy Behar: “it’s possible that a $6M book deal would have worked just as well”, Hannity co-host: “Joy Behar is an idiot”; CEO of failing Oprah Winfrey Network fired, Mother’s Day special with Julia Roberts and Lucifer Clinton discussing their hair, ACC: “no wonder Bill went for Monica”; Clinton on yawning gesture as possible “early Spring allergic cough”
0:50:01And Now Back to Real News: Extra teaser with Alec Baldwin and Kirstie Alley; MKULTRA Eva Longoria on meeting Obama with Emilio Estefez to “reframe the immigration argument, or, the immigration conversation”, “it was like a brainstorming room”, /lat̀ªinos/ pronunciation
0:57:30Idiot Rep. Mel Watt’s “uhhh”-laced question for Ben Bernanke: “to what extent are you all doing things in these areas, studying, or looking down the road, uh, to, uh, to anticipate, uh, some of these issues?” like climate change; Fox News meme-fest on “the new al-Qaeda” run by “web-savvy” Anwar al-Awlaki, “if they were just to find some amenable lone wolfs here who could simultaneously go out with guns”, “virulent ideology” against US government
1:09:42Donation Segment
1:25:18“Can you teach a pig table manners?” from Pakistani journalist for CBS’ Sheila McVicker
1:29:24Target ad with kids enthusing about biochemistry: echoing “if elected, I promise flu shots for all”; assisted living ad for Rush Limbaugh target audience
1:32:52Prospect of Greece leaving EU; douchebag Marc Grossman working for Lucifer Clinton as Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan; Lucy Napolitano “lone wolf” for Homeland Security Committee; House and Senate immunity bills for citizens ratting on each other
1:44:35Lobster expert all-in on eating “shedders”; ACC perplexed by proposals for Bitcoin donations
1:53:26Dutch traffic cameras looking for erratic drivers; Brian Williams predicts Memphis flooding