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301 Code 33 (2011-05-05)

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0:00:00ACC: (heavy metal)Timmy! Timmy! Go, go, Timmy!” (1:59:08)
0:00:39Thanks to Military Industrial Intelligence Complex for Osama bin Laden assassination, Fox News “Usama” standard vs Osama/Obama goof compilation, “federal agents discovered Obama’s secret location”; Hillary’s War Room yawn misinterpreted as shock
0:07:56Producer Segment: promo on producer Ryan’s Perth college radio show
0:16:01Bloodthirsty Rachel Maddow tweeting in delight over bin Laden assassination; ABC’s animated re-enactment, “stealth Blackhawk helicopter” with “a little disk over the rotors”, ACC: tail section “movie set”, “bullcrap” side-by-side sound comparison
0:22:58ABC gushes over “Team Six” dissolved in 1987, upcoming book Team Six, “whoever pulled the trigger on Osama bin Laden was the best of the best”, Boneshakers Sports Bar patrons weigh in, cyber sound effects, “double tap to the head”, “they have gazelle legs, no waist”, JCD: “what is he, an ant?”, “modified grooming standards” to blend in in Pakistan, “he may even have pieces of shrapnel or frag still in him from previous firefights”; The View’s “bloodthirsty women” yammering about Hillary’s “feminine gesture” in the “Situation Room”, no mention of second woman Audrey Tomason; Sean Hannity demanding thanks for Bush 43’s torture program; ACC on Obama doing nothing other than golfing, staged speech do-over for cameras
0:38:08Pakistani Ambassador Husain Haqqani to Wolf Blitzer on April 28 on Prime Minister Yousaf Gillani calling on Karzai to “dump” US: “it’s very interesting that this story broke yesterday”, trilateral meeting on May 3 with Marc Grossman, connection to Cohen Group military-industrial complex lobbyist active in India, Gillani’s call for cooperation with “all-weather friend” China, “we have never looked upon the United States and China as rivals” lie
0:47:30CFR President Richard Haass to Stephen Colbert: Pakistan “about the most anti-American country I know”, no argument for staying in Afghanistan; Francis Fukuyama to Colbert: “weakening” argument for staying in Afghanistan, “be afraid of the Chinese”; JCD on Congress extorting campaign money out of oil companies by threatening tax breaks, ACC on $62bn Glencore IPO, pre-9/11 threats against Taliban over Unocal pipeline; Haass to Dick Durbin: “I believe we can protect our core interests with a modest investment”, Durbin: “that isn’t what I thought I was voting for”; Nord Stream pipeline with Poland bypass now in operation
1:04:23C-SPAN caller: guest Andrew Exum “surely knows that bin Laden died in 2001”; CBS “if you see something say something” preroll, bin Laden retaliation “soft targets” meme, “less dramatic” than 9/11, JCD: “this violates all the rules of terrorism!”, “the future could include security checkpoints entering all soft targets”, scripted man on the street “better to be safe than story”; ACC-JCD “can you believe this bullcrap!” phone call, off-script Andrew Napolitano for end of show, “coincidental” timing with Saddam Hussein tape, NLE 2011 exercise
1:16:05Author Vince Flynn to KQRS on bin Laden operation inspired by his book Memorial Day; Pakistani press asserting US came in second; author Lawrence Wright: “I can’t go writing screenplays for the CIA”; Rachel Maddow to Jon Stewart: “if you think that Osama bin Laden is the distraction that America needs” from birth certificate; Charles Krauthammer on need to release photos, “I’m not speaking about the kooks”; Maddow: demand for photos “a country that I don’t recognize”, reveals content of Obama’s announcement leaked to media
1:26:34Donation Segment
1:36:23JCD theory: bin Laden killed in course of CIA extraction, turned or captured by ISI, 2002 Bali bomber Nazih Abdul-Hamed al-Ruqai’s arrest after meeting with bin Laden, Seal Team Six an extraction group, unplanned assassination; Booz Allen terrorism expert: bin Laden bouncing around between resort towns, CIA promotion for Ayman al-Zawahiri; Col. David Hunt to Bill O’Reilly: bin Laden “prisoner in a gilded cage” held by ISI, “they destroyed that helicopter because they didn’t want the Pakistanis to get the technology” to give China; JCD on “3” code to CIA requesting extraction; PBS on “mock compound” in Afghanistan; bullcrap “Muslim” burial at sea and laughable bombing plan; “Murder Inc.” Stanley McChrystal
1:52:12Neighborhood kids paid off after throwing soccer balls over fence of bin Laden’s “huge” mansion
1:55:30NYT’s Louise Story on “Timmy!” Geithner talking Andrew Cuomo out of criminal charges
1:59:21WikiLeaks cable with plans for EU-style North American Initiative; Canadian election gains for “bunch of communists” New Democratic Party; Green Party shut out of debates and cut off by interviewer; ACC gripes about interview “we’re going to have to leave it there”
2:05:25Proliferation of “Code 33” instances even Tweeted about by Katy Perry
2:07:50“War Room” mystery woman Audrey Tomason, Adm. Michael Mullen’s father a prominent Hollywood publicist, Hill+Knowlton expanding client base
2:09:43Erin Burnett leaving CNBC for CNN; Julian Assange interview Russia Today semi-hottie: Facebook “most appalling spying machine that has ever been invented”, “built-in interfaces for US intelligence” for automation of spying
2:14:44White House takes down announcement of CIA shill Ryan Crocker as Ambassador to Afghanistan
2:17:37Shadow Puppet Theater: John Ashcroft to head Blackwater ethics committee
2:18:42Portugal’s €78bn bailout with cuts to health and education, ACC: “die and be stupid”; douchebag Bill Clinton calls for more transparency in use of Haiti relief money
2:22:19JAMA article contradicting killer salt meme; Alzheimer’s linked to obesity