Call Clooney!

2 No Agenda 002 (2007-11-02)

Show 2 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Well, hi everybody, welcome to No Agenda, the show that has no jingles, no theme song, no commercials, and well actually, no talent and no agenda”
0:00:13ACC in San Francisco “Curry condo”, JCD in Albany “Dvorak mansion”
0:00:46JCD: Writers Guild of America strike “huge blunder”, should focus on DVD sales; JCD: Hulu signup “like joining the Bohemian club”; JCD the union organizer
0:10:13ACC: Blackwater unknown in Europe, hour-long Charlie Rose interview of Erik Prince, ACC on Burger King & Pizza Hut in Green Zone, JCD standing in line at post office with fellow taxpayers “how many bullets” speculation; Dutch porn businesses, Danni’s Hard Drive
0:21:54Drought in US vs British floods; ocean “gyre” of microplastic
0:27:36Sire Records’ Seymour Stein’s ex-wife Linda “the most abrasive woman you can imagine” found bludgeoned to death in New York City
0:31:02NBC Universal general counsel Rick Cotton proposes intellectual property crime take precedence over bank robbing and burglary