Call Clooney!

299 It’s Tiara Time! (2011-04-28)

Show 299 album art
0:00:00JCD: “I’ve seen the picture of the hole.” ACC: “On TV!” (1:49:33)
0:00:32Day seven of ACC’s flu compared to DMT hangover
0:02:33Panetta’s move from CIA to DoD made public amid major distractions Donald Trump and Royal Wedding; wedding “who doesn’t love some royal bunting?” media idiocy compilation
0:09:11Obama obliquely references birth certificate and Donald Trump: “we’re not gonna be able to do it if we are distracted”, “if we just make stuff up”, “sideshows and carnival barkers”; birth certificate Kenya vs British East Africa, 1978 hospital name change, magic 33 date sum; ACC on state birth certificate laws and $9.1M collateral theory; Trump to John King: “I have done a great service to the American people”, ACC: Trump playing controlled opposition role
0:20:28Press corps unimpressed by refusal to discuss Panetta move; George W. Bush skeptical, Panetta a Republican appointee, CIA’s heroin “pin money”
0:25:19Producer Segment: donation page; terrorist Casio watches
0:45:26Producer note on Obama’s oil price manipulation taskforce as campaign shakedown; Ben Bernanke blames oil prices on Chinese demand, Middle East supply disruptions “as everyone knows who watches television”, Fed unable to do anything about gas prices “without derailing growth entirely”, JCD: “we try to solve crime … but then crime would be out of control”
0:55:36Smokin’ hot Ayesha Gaddafi taking Hillary Clinton to task for not leaving her sleazy husband; Egyptian revolutionary Gigi Ibrahim to Jon Stewart on her induction into the movement: “I took a class” at American University in Cairo called “The Social Mobilization Under Authoritarian Regime”; C-SPAN journalists and Rachel Maddow disdainful of Anderson Cooper
1:07:55Boeing CEO on Chinese plan to build 45-55 new airports in next five years, J-20 stealth fighter
1:14:21Ron Paul posed the question “how do we get out of the war?” by Whoopi Goldberg on The View, answer “a good president would just march home”, “both parties are war parties”; Rock Creek Free Press on Fox News dirty tricks against Ron Paul
1:19:14Entertainment Tonight MILF Jane Seymour, Royal Wedding night vision cameras, “and it’s tiara time!”; Good Morning America on mybestfit clothing size body scanning kiosks: “think TSA minus the fun patdown!”, vendor Unique Solutions’ “largest database of body measurements that reflect the true size and shape of today’s consumer”
1:29:30Donation Segment
1:38:19CNN California Psychics ad with pharmaceutical ad soundtrack; Abilify ad with depression ameba and warnings on movie screen, JCD: “so if you’re gonna have impaired motor skills and confusion, how are you supposed to call your doctor?”
1:44:44CBC on escape of 500 Taliban fighters from Kandahar prison through underground tunnel, Governor Toryalai Wesa: “it was a new technique, a new method”, reporter: “and what does it look like?”, ACC: “it looks like a hole!”, tunnel passing security checkpoints and highway unnoticed for six months, “that was a surprise for us too”; next-day follow-up for end of show
1:51:37Ryan Gosling spokeshole for Congo with handler John Prendergast; atrocities over columbite-tantalite “coltan” mineral used in electronic components
1:59:23Alzheimer’s “vaccine” in upcoming film Rise of the Planet of the Apes; Glee pushing rubella vaccine: “her parents are hippies who don’t believe in vaccinations”
2:04:06The Great Central US ShakeOut FEMA drill “drop, cover, and hold on”, online “quake quiz”
2:09:09Monsanto self-policing; George W. Bush afraid to go abroad; House moon base bill; magic 33s; Food Revolution on origin of beef; salt substitute Cardio-mate; more magic 33s