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297 Obama’s Clutch Car (2011-04-21)

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0:00:00JCD: “This show is terrible! These people should be ashamed of themselves!” (1:51:03)
0:00:34ACC and Ms. Micky down with flu; 04/21/2011 Skynet date; JCD: Obama talking himself out of 2012 campaign; Obama’s Facebook visit; JCD’s Rush Limbaugh style numbered clips
0:05:48Obama’s pearls of wisdom on recovery: “I dunno if they still have clutch cars around here, anybody ever driven a clutch car?”; Mark Zuckerberg’s shit-eating grin; Obama: “you get all the specialists together with the primary care physician the first time you’re seen so that you’re not paying for multiple visits as well as multiple tests”, paying hospitals for hand washing
0:14:10Prescription drug abuse more deadly than guns; California ad against legal immigration
0:16:48Incongruity of ratings agencies treating US government like a corporation
0:20:15Producer Segment: GMC Birchaven on offer for touring vehicle
0:34:45Donald Trump’s election prospects, “Heinrich” Schwarzenegger for EU position; Trump squabbles with Stephanopoulos over Obama birth certificate: “George, they have co-opted you”
0:41:55Michele Bachmann warned by ABC leaker about Stephanopoulos exhibiting Obama birth certificate, “that is not the main issue facing the United States right now”; Miami DHS drills
0:50:32Obama flustered by Dallas TV interview: “why do you think you’re so unpopular in Texas?”, “a few percentage points” corrected, “I just said that wasn’t true” non-answer, muttered “lemme finish my answers the next time we do an interview”; Zuckerberg gushes about Race to the Top; Obama’s pause-laden “weasel words” on Paul Ryan budget; warning about collapsed I-35W bridge and fictitious “National Society of Engineers”; O’Biden and others nodding off
1:04:29Lucifer Clinton at press conference with “Sweet Micky” Martelly: Haiti work “a personal goal of me, my husband, and many of us here”, tèt kale “bald head” slogan, delight at scripted Libya question, rebellion “spontaneous response” by “businesspeople, students, lawyers, doctors”
1:09:49William Hague on troops “mentoring rather than training”, UN “all necessary measures” for civilians; Democracy Now Bahrain chaos; producer Schlumberger vs Halliburton theory
1:16:25HLN babe Natasha Curry; Pepe Escobar on “Chiners” partnering with Gaddafi, running afoul of Pentagon AFRICOM, Syria “next domino to fall” to Saudi-backed Muslim Brotherhood, AFRICOM headquarters currently in Stuttgart; JCD on next targets Ivory Coast and Nigeria unexpectedly in news; flammable Chinese-made US flags for sale in Middle East
1:29:29Xbox Operation Flashpoint: Red River intro cutscene Osama bin Laden history propaganda
1:34:08Donation Segment
1:39:58Lucy Napolitano to Bill O’Reilly on Arizona-Mexico border security: “well, uh, I say, look”; National Terrorism Advisory System social media and “a new website page”; to Morning Joe “shill show” on TSA groping six-year-old girl “professionally and according to the protocols”, douchebag “Dan” Scarborough: “remind Americans why we now check our liquids”, “a mother was taking her baby on a plane in Britain and willing to blow up the baby and the entire plane with the liquids”, ACC: “what??”, Lucy plugs Trusted Traveler biometric cards
1:53:39Rep. Paul Brown on TSA SPOT and other worthless programs, “unfortunately, this is an issue that the Committee is unable to address today because of TSA’s refusal to attend”
2:02:32And Now Back to Real News: “Charles Manson is crazy”; wrongful death lawsuit over 2007 Amber Alert delayed by sleeping police officer; sleeping airline pilots and FAA NextGen system; Oakland sexual predator forces victim to strip and flees; idiotic morning traffic report
2:09:17Industry shill Max Reid: “high fructose corn syrup and sucrose are exactly the same”
2:14:56State Department spokeshole Mark Toner grilled about Bradley Manning for end of show