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294 Choking the Puffin (2011-04-10)

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0:00:00(British accents) JCD: “Ho ho ho, very good!” ACC: “The boys at the club won’t believe me, I keep taking the second question first!” (1:56:14)
0:00:40American Idol ejects Pia Toscano; “budget showdown” preempting Piers Morgan, bogus Planned Parenthood squabble, “clean air” carbon taxes, no mention of military budget
0:07:10NewsHour on Democrats and Republicans at each other’s throats; unexplained threat of Cherry Blossom Parade cancellation; networks scraping bottom of barrel with Tim Shriver; people lined up for free Remote Area Medical services in Oakland Coliseum parking lot
0:12:40April 1 memo from Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Caroline D. Krass, ACC: “who is either on the way for a promotion or will soon be found in a dumpster”: Obama had Constitutional authority to invade Libya because “such use of force was in the national interest”; “elitist bitch” UN Ambassador Susan Rice requesting $3.54bn from Congress
0:17:05Max Keiser co-host Stacy Herbert on Wachovia’s $110M fine for laundering $178bn in Mexican drug cartel money through casas de cambio until 2007 credit crisis; ACC’s proposed grow outfit
0:25:04Producer Segment
0:30:28Kane County IL considering $40 dog walking permits owners must wear around their necks
0:35:02One-year anniversary of Smolensk incident; Russia Today vs Fox News babe hiring practices; Russian propaganda: investigators “hagh quality organization”, “there is no question … the captain of the Polish aircraft is to blame for this tragedy”, “transcript” of pilot’s last words
0:42:16Susan Rice demanding $1.9bn in Libya “peacekeeping missions”; Rep. Gerald Connelly: UN conspiracy theories “unworthy of a great power to even express”; Rep. Bradley Sherman’s “full cost accounting”; Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen demands boycott of “Durban III hatefest”; Rice on UN mission to “post-Sudan … post-referendum Sudan”; Cass “Sunscreen” and “Stephanie” Power, “shill alert!” jingle, They Might Be Giants Call Connected Thru The NSA
0:55:50Guelph University “vote mob” organized on Facebook, social media’s false sense of engagement
1:01:31Amsterdam shopping mall machine gun rampage, ACC “MKULTRA slave” false flag theory; Aric the Shill’s “I updated my Facebook status in protest”
1:06:36Oil trader David Greenberg to CNBC: algorithmic trading manipulating price of oil, JCD predicts $3.20 in 18 months; May 21 Judgment Day sandwich board guys in downtown LA
1:14:30Al Sharpton “mission accomplished” on getting advertisers to bail out on Glenn Beck
1:16:10Donation Segment: Japan “Gitmo Nation Nattō”; JCD’s upcoming clip show
1:29:57Icelandic referendum result: no repayment of failed bank assets, Gordon Brown’s terrorism accusation, “Gitmo Nation Puffin”, JCD: “they grab ’em and they choke ’em”; IMF warns Belgium about its 94% GDP sovereign debt, danger of “Standard’s and Poor’s” downgrade
1:37:37Bigger, Faster, Stronger steroid documentary: “if you want drugs, go get a job”, JCD story: International Harvester “beans” amphetamines bust, ACC “strung out” on weed
1:42:58“Sweet Micky” Martelly on using McCain & Calderón campaign consultants, money from Bill Clinton’s IHRC Interim Haiti Recovery Commission; no Red Cross funds for Fukushima
1:55:08NATO’s foppish Rear Admiral Russell Harding dodges Libyan collateral damage question
1:59:44Ask Adam: unelected “high representative” Baroness Ashton, JCD “secretly re-militarizing Europe” theory; Wolf Blitzer outs former Rep. Curt Weldon’s Libyan spook work, former employer Defense Solutions, oil lobbyists Payne & Ettinger; sketchy mass rape allegations
2:14:27“Big-butt midget” Dana Perino calls out Stuart Varney’s Al Jazeera tie
2:19:08ACC: pans The Kennedys and praises The Borgias; more Keiser & Herbert for end of show