Call Clooney!

293 Self Radicalize! (2011-04-07)

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0:00:00ACC: “No further delays!” (1:57:37)
0:00:34Angelina Jolie “boots on the ground” on Libyan border; Glenn Beck’s predicted ouster
0:02:39Idiot Joy Behar to Jesse Ventura on potential government shutdown: “what about babies, and young people, who won’t get formula because their parents aren’t getting food stamps?”; Timothy Geithner predicts “catastrophic” outcome of failure to raise debt limit
0:12:38Ventura: US in Afghanistan for lithium, “MKULTRA doucheslave” Piers Morgan: “sounds a bit like you’ve been on lithium”, “everybody knows” Osama bin Laden is responsible
0:17:20Obama quietly dissolves Office of Health Reform led by industry shill Nancy-Ann DeParle
0:21:51NPR’s Vivian Schiller gripes about hidden camera scandal: “this is not journalism”, JCD: “60 Minutes has never done that, have they?”, “you don’t entrap people with hidden cameras!”
0:24:34Producer Segment
0:34:37JCD on polls predicting tight election to sell more ads, Obama acting like horse race “rabbit”
0:37:25Karma for Fukushima; 1976 Convention on the Prohibition of Military or any Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques like earthquakes and tsunamis
0:41:45JCD on lack of economists in Congress; Wachovia Bank fined for laundering $378.4bn in drug money; flawed “al-Qaeda waiting on Obama timetable” narrative; Secretary of Defense “Ted” Gates: military can stay if Iraqi government wants it, ACC: “act now while stocks last!”
0:48:58Banker to CNBC: “the plot in Greece and Portugal sounds an awful lot like the same plot that’s going on in the United States”; Lucifer Clinton all-in on IMF veteran Alassane Ouattara to run Côte d’Ivoire; JCD on “slavemobile” electric cars; Sweet Micky Martelly musical interlude
1:00:06JCD Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark review: “ladies and gentlemen, due to technical difficulties, the show will be interrupted and will resume shortly”, “the show was terrible”
1:03:36Silvio Berlusconi hooker trial postponed due to no-show
1:04:58Obama “shut up slave” comparison of budget debate with marriage, mysterious internet head scar photos; Donald Trump sends birth certificate investigators to Hawaii, JCD: Trump running to boost Romney’s chances; Obama friend Bobby Titcomb arrested in prostitution sting
1:10:49ACC on Saab sending workers home, Spyker “piece of crap” like Citroën deux chevaux
1:14:17Ventura to Andrew Napolitano on Operation Northwoods and Gulf of Tonkin false flags; International Sports Federations insured for $100M against Olympics terrorism; Osama bin Laden letters from Chicago threaten stashed nuclear weapons will be detonated unless American Idol-style war crimes trials take place; JCD predicts false flag within 30 days
1:21:16Glenn Beck to Napolitano: “I ain’t leavin’, so don’t worry about it”, JCD: “we’re watchdogs”; Producer Maynard “in the morning” during HAARP professor interview
1:27:00Donation Segment: Thirty-three, That’s the Magic Number jingle; JMD’s TSA run-in
1:45:32Former New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean to Congress: 2010 “the year of the homegrown terrorist”, “self radicalization” meme, demands “no further delays” to Real ID
1:58:34Barbara Eden to Joy “hee-hee!” Behar on JFK sneaking phone number into her pocket, ACC: “I think I self-radicalized watching her!”; spook Nicholas Kristof on saving South Sudan “if was can do it in a way that doesn’t require a lot of time”; Charlie Sheen “winning!” trademark
2:04:10UK Chantix user murders wife and two daughters, ACC and Ms. Micky back on cigarettes
2:06:18Narcolepsy-linked Pandemrix pulled in Ireland; 1994 No Escape film 2011 Benghazi bioweapons
2:12:59Biodiversitée: geoengineering debates; Jerry Brown colluding with Connie Hedegaard
2:15:17Fox irked over Anwar al-Awlaki release, bogus CIA “kill or capture list”, Ali Al-Timimi meeting