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292 Obama Needs Water (2011-04-03)

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0:00:00Children: “This is No Agenda with Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak.”
0:00:36JCD in “Gitmo Nation Big Glass Buildings” New York City college-shopping with JMD, Jerusalem play exploring “drunken British youth”; ACC’s crepes and mimosas with Ms. Molly Wood; JCD on insular New York culture; freedom-hating Lindsey Graham on Face the Nation
0:07:25Heavily-redacted Federal Reserve “secret” documents revealing $3.3T lent to foreign banks; Ron Paul on impeachment vs defunding war, Libyan rebel central bank, “I wonder if they’ve come to the discount window yet”; Washington Post reporter quizzes ACC on his disdain for NPR tweet-collector Andy Carvin, “media deconstructionist” vs “senior strategist”
0:17:17Producer Segment; JCD story: Eric Schmidt and “In the Morning” hottie at airport
0:32:45JCD’s clip machine on the fritz; Russia Today’s guffawing Susan Lindauer on fact that “Libya had nothing to do with Lockerbie”, Gaddafi seeking compensation from oil companies for UN-imposed $2.1bn in damages; Gaddafi-CIA war, parallel with Slobodan Milošević, ACC: “more money, more money, more money” $300M per week for Military Industrial Complex
0:43:53CNN “dumb brunettes” try to shut down former CIA Michael Scheuer, “this is Americans killing Muslims again and it looks like it’s for oil”, “if you listen to Mrs. Clinton and especially rather crazed Ms. Rice at the UN”, “you’re just carrying the water for Mr. Obama”
0:50:399 of 22 Arab League members present for no-fly zone vote; $33bn stolen from Libya and proposed $33bn in budget cuts; Obama address coordinated with Dancing with the Stars
0:55:47Producer note on bogus “Trapped in City of Ghosts” Fukushima article in The Sun; Australian radio interview with obvious computer-synthesized “reporter” Ali al-Mujahed in Yemen
1:03:27Obama West Wing Week “hello everybody!” from MD UPS facility, “dependence on foreign oil” meme; Ask Adam: 66% of oil imported; “it’s not just the government getting in on the action”, Clean Fleets Partnership “driven not by government but by business”, NREL Vehicles Technology Program, Alliance for Sustainable Energy LLC; MRIGlobal video: “ideals more noble and more rewarding than just monetary gain”, renewable energy and vaccines, “using humanoid robots to safeguard troops from chemical and biological weapons”, shadowy cabal roster; JCD on sketchy “world’s most ethical company”, CH2M Hill site with Thames oil rig
1:17:06Donation Segment
1:30:23MKULTRA gibberish attack on Coast to Coast AM host Ian Punnett: “wow, is this really gonna be driveway, that depends, did he threaten the Hoover, is he not put away the dishes”, George Noory: “exactly!”; JCD on “zoology” pronunciation, Nova magnetic mind control
1:35:37Russia Today piece “MSNBC’s Love Affair with Wars” for end of show; University of California “research” into naked body scanner radiation dose in “terms that regular people can understand”: radiation dose “teeny-weeny-weeny”; JCD notes MIA scanners at SFO
1:40:47DoD spokeshole Clifford Stanley: 9% of troops ready for impending don’t ask don’t tell repeal; McLaughlin Group predicts Libyan terror; Southwest 737 “meteorite”; Pandemic board game
1:44:39Colombian scientist’s universal infections disease vaccine and other April Fools’ Day stories
1:47:48Australian Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery to radio hosts Andrew Bolt and Steve Price: “if we cut emissions today, global temperatures are not likely to drop for about a thousand years”, Bolt: “that doesn’t seem a good deal”; JCD peak oil “what’s to worry about?”
1:55:34Belgium takes world record for longest time without a government; new Irish property taxes
1:58:42JCD off to Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark “biggest bust in the history of Broadway”; magic numbers: 33 priests in St. Paul and Minneapolis Archdiocese on sexual abuse list