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291 Unconstitutional Botox (2011-03-31)

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0:00:00JCD: “Going to religion culinary arts airlines food recipes else United States Africa outdoor recreation travel tourism” (1:42:28)
0:00:39Boots on the ground in Libya; long C-SPAN audience shot with triple teleprompter, JCD on Obama’s chipmunk walk, seizure of $33bn let slip by Hillary, “we are naturally reluctant to use force to solve the world’s many problems” lie, Americans “killed by Libyan agents”
0:08:37Obama worried about bloodshed in “Benghazi, a city nearly the size of Charlotte”, Bank of America headquarters, US Airways bullet hole at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport
0:13:20Hillary: “imagine we were sitting here and Benghazi had been overrun … and tens of thousands of people had been slaughtered”; C-SPAN “Libyan Invasion” with Adm. Stavro Blofeld James Stavridis, McCain’s 2009 $40bn arms deal vs “we just want him gone, whether it be live with Chavez, or meet Hitler and Stalin”; David Cameron on choice “to draw a line in the desert sand”, “I think we should be in doubt, in no doubt” flub, “harassing humanitarian ships” lie; Qatar in control of oil, rebel central bank, Al Jazeera and World Cup; Obama in 2002: “what I do oppose is a dumb war!”; Robert Gates “no” to imminent threat question
0:28:08Producer Segment: and (now defunct)
0:37:33Dick Durbin lie: Gaddafi “said point-blank I’m going to Benghazi, I’m going house to house and room to room and kill people”, abruptly cut off by C-SPAN; Pan Am Flight 103 and CIA cocaine; Libyan Foreign Minister Moussa Koussa compared with jailed negotiator Rudolf Hess
0:47:08TV announcer MKULTRA gibberish attacks on “Health Urset” Sarah Carlson, “Heavy Burtation” Serene Branson, and “Sifty-Four Eighteen” Mark McAllister, new victim Judge Judy Sheindlin; NASA document on military use of “properly-modulated low-power microwaves”
0:57:22Wes Clark Seven revisited; Al Jazeera reporter to Council on Foreign Relations on disregarding “Egypt is next” litany; Radio & Television Congressional Correspondents’ Dinner journalists congratulating themselves for starting Arab Spring, Al Jazeera worship
1:07:46Hillary’s high school book report on her day’s activities, Resolution 1973 arms transfer lie; Obama considering sneaking weapons via Saudi Arabia or Qatar, “a matter of days” revisited; prediction: Libya-linked false flag as distraction from Federal Reserve bailout recipients
1:20:29Lucy Napolitano and Mark Emmert DHS-NCAA pitch; NPR Planet Money: “think about you as the product and the advertisers as the customers”, “which we do, we call them underwriters”
1:31:31Donation Segment: producer working on Hot Pockets Tour RV; JCD explains sock hops
1:45:25Belgians throwing shoes at effigy of PM Yves Leterme on steps of Brussels stock exchange; Haiku Herman’s new oeuvre for Italy; George Clooney to testify in Berluscone hooker trial
1:49:54Mimi theory: Donald Rumsfeld Botoxed so no one will see him lying, “what is Building 7?”
1:53:34Shadow Puppet Theater: RIAA lobbyist Beryl Howell to preside over file-sharing cases, Robert Gibbs eying Facebook; Obama accepts transparency award in “closed undisclosed meeting”
1:57:06MEP: “science is telling us there is no risk whatever” from cloned meat
1:59:35Michigan Sen. Debbie Stabenow introduces new electric vehicle Cash for Clunkers
2:02:22Vodka tampon craze in Germany; bogus eating disorder charity survey finds 16% of women would give a year of life for a perfect body; The Young and the Restless “horrible woman”
2:07:34HIV vaccine human trials on the horizon; Magic Numbers: stink bugs in 33 states
2:09:29DHS official in charge of FOIA’d documents gripes about obsessive secrecy
2:11:27Snopes “debunks” theory of Elena Kagan and Obama birth certificate quid pro quo
2:15:27Nature: Climate Change study blames aircraft contrails for global warming, JCD: “old news”