Call Clooney!

28 The Future of Media (2008-04-27)

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0:00:23ACC in California; JCD’s 10k Twitter followers in 20 days; DVD rippers, Independent Spirit Awards, George Carlin the “hyper-curmudgeon”
0:05:56PodShow’s name change to Mevio, domain name unobtainium, overbroad “user-generated content”; ducks and spontaneously generated fish in ACC’s backyard pond
0:12:47JCD’s tea care package from UK, Twining’s Everyday, ACC’s Koi Los Angeles dinner, mistaken for “David the hair stylist”, Hollywood funding, recommends Roy Evans’ The Kid Stays in the Picture, AMC’s Shootout; Wesley Snipes’ three-year sentence for tax dodge, luxury jails for celebrities, third-world-esque prison statistics, ACC proposes death row reality show
0:29:16Green week “buttons, badges, and posters”, vegetarian agenda, Bill Maher anti-meat rant, cow fart meme; oil price scam, excess profit taxes; Soros’ big loss on Bear Stearns
0:39:09JCD soymilk warning, canola “Canadian oil, low acid”, hexane oil extraction
0:42:49$9bn China-Congo infrastructure deal for copper & cobalt
0:46:44Cancer Council Victoria: masturbation protects against prostate cancer; German high-speed train derails after hitting herd of sheep; Jim Kunstler “eyesore of the month”,, definition of “working class”, ACC’s rose-sorting job, JCD on California apricot orchards, ACC on loss of vegetable varieties; JCD story: produce distributers gig and cheapskate Americans; ACC all-in on polygamist women
1:05:06Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares; ACC unable to get into The London NYC restaurant, JCD story: free concert by plastered Engelbert Humperdink, “New York moments”, Mike Tyson entourage, Dolf Lundgren two seats away from ACC
1:12:54Jimmy Iovine new plan: advertising in music videos; MTV Spring Break product placement; radio’s transition away from drama, BBC’s The Archers; dumbing-down of TV audiences
1:26:33Funding models, listenership up to 25k; bandwidth bounce messages, AT&T “internet full” meme; JCD off to Xerox PARC; Holland’s Got Talent live; snack from Patricia