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289 Chillin’ & Killin’ (2011-03-24)

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0:00:00ACC: “All these guys, they all got tents.” JCD: “What is this tent thing all of a sudden?” (1:37:54)
0:00:37Obama Libya evergreen: “let me emphasize that we anticipate this transition to take place in a matter of days and not a matter of weeks”; Joe O’Biden to Chris Matthews in 2007: “the president has no Constitutional authority to take this nation to war against a country of 70 million people … if he does, I would move to impeach him”; “George” McCain 2009 tweet on Gaddafi meeting: “interesting meeting with an interesting man”, Joe Lieberman “an important ally in the war on terrorism” cable; Ralph Nader: “Barack Obama is committing the same crimes” as Bush & Cheney; ACC: Michele Bachmann “another hottie in the race”
0:13:45Producer Segment
0:23:31Rachel Maddow ecstatically describes everything Obama is doing right in Libya, ACC: “he kills people in style”, decision to “forgo the chest-thumping Commander-in-Chief theater that usually goes with the start of a military intervention of any kind, that in itself is a fascinating and rather blunt demonstration of just how much this presidency is not like that of George W. Bush”; Obama in Rio for Rio premiere, JCD: “he’s chillin’ while killin’”; Ed Schultz on keeping Gaddafi from “slaughtering his own people”, still hung up on Pan Am Flight 103
0:29:30B-roll Libya footage “from a local resident who told us that it came from the phone of a Gaddafi soldier who dropped it”, new “transitional government” headed by Mahmoud Jibril; Richard Engel to Maddow: “we were with rebels today who didn’t know to load their weapons”, “one in five of the rebels told me today that they’re fighting because they think Gaddafi is Jewish”, leader of military defectors on vacation; Global News anchor Mark McAllister lapses into gibberish: “now defense minister McCain, McCloud did confirm today that more than sifty-four eighteen fighter jets are spending about as much as twenty and ready to assist the six hundred, a hundred deployed over the announce needed, now it did depend that how the no land remerges are end while the university or the UN mission has whole received support from all patteries in the hues of the garbins of today, excuse me”, JCD Caitlin Upton comparison
0:38:53George Galloway to Sky News: Arab League “a collection of puppet presidents, corrupt kings, every one of them a dictator”, “dirty little three-letter word called oil”; ACC on interview with WWE wrestler The Miz; Anderson Cooper on Arab League support about-face; Hillary Clinton to “presidential MKULTRA model” Diane Sawyer on rumors of Gaddafi’s sons being killed: “we hear it from many different sources”, “some of it, we think, is exploring, y’know, what are my options, what could I do?, and we would encourage that”; Daily Beast article blaming Hillary, Susan Power, and Susan Rice, 3/19 same date as Iraqi invasion, Genesis 3:19 “for dust you are and to dust you will return”, Gitmo among infamous 3/19s in history
0:55:51Shadow Puppet Theater: former Fannie Mae head Jamie Gorelick considered to head FBI, ACC: “she looks like a Lucy!”; AT&T fiber optic splitters for NSA or MI6
1:00:27Germany pulling out of Arab Spring, Angela Merkel near-miss with double helicopter engine failure, ACC: “I’m thinkin’ EMP”, George W. Bush “Arab Spring” and Project for the New American Century; JCD on Jimmy Dorsey’s 3/19 Green Eyes and Gaddafi’s Green Book
1:06:25Ask Adam: Diane Sawyer “nail-biting time” with two planes unable to contact Ronald Reagan National Airport, “controlled” vs “uncontrolled” definition; Poop Police!” jingle
1:11:42Ask Adam: Shirley Temple film collection ad played during Sean Hannity
1:14:21Donation Segment: CVC leads minor revolt opting out of naked body scanner
1:29:43Iranian Zohal “flying saucer”; Dutch ham radio operator tweeting Libya observations, idiotic “Operation Odyssey Dawn” codename, F-16 emergency landing at Schiphol; Brit Hume lets slip Gaddafi was warned before bombing of his compound; Obama’s blue communications tent in Rio, SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, “mobile war room” in hotel, ACC: “Hillary! did you get the Manolo Blahniks yet? get some for Michelle, size twelve!
1:40:46Zyrtec ad makes Allegra’s lowered effectiveness with fruit juice sound potentially lethal
1:44:42Trains Good Planes Bad: CNN “test in satisfaction” comparison, man on the street “the trains aren’t late, they’re dependable”, ditzy reporter Sandra Endo measuring seats with tape measure, at LaGuardia “those shoes have to come off!”, “what’re you gonna do if you have an important phone call??” (CotD); UK South West Trains downsized seats “only suitable for commuters without elbows”
1:51:35YouTube takes down Show 288 Louis Farrakhan video as scam; British MEP Daniel Hannan on alternatives to EU for end of show
1:53:42Michelle Obama and schoolchildren plant White House non-organic kitchen garden; GMOs removed from Monsanto company cafeteria; Senators pushing for ban on DUI checkpoint apps; prediction: “huge event” to distract from Federal Reserve beneficiary disclosure, Elizabeth Taylor potentially killed too soon, Fed Board of Governors $1bn in hookers and blow operating expenses, $33M for CFPB, 33 countries in Caribe Wave 11 tsunami exercise, Fukushima album with Justin Bieber and U2; $2bn in Viagra sales vs $1.7bn in medical marijuana
2:03:42Obama rambles about US Navy not “necessarily” enforcing arms embargo on Libya