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288 George W. Obama (2011-03-20)

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0:00:00JCD: “Poop police, poop police, I got a badge, says poop police!” (2:10:19)
0:00:38JCD: “why is Obama in Brazil and Hillary’s in Paris shopping?”, ACC: “you mean George W. Obama?”; Hillary on UN Resolution 1973, Gaddafi called on “time and time again” to stop violence, commission report not due until June; ICC unrecognized by US, Special Envoy Abdul Ilah Mohammad Khatib former Jordanian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities; Hillary: “of course we would always welcome Congressional support” for Obama’s war, “have a great night in Paris, those of you who get to stay!”, staged “well, Jill” and “well, Matt” answers
0:18:50Louis Farrakhan to Chicago radio station on CIA regime change, roster of Gaddafi’s achievements, “it’s white militia that are angry with their government, and they are well armed”
0:25:32Squirrel!” iso, Bennington Vermont squirrel attacks, Prince Charles saving red squirrels
0:26:46Producer Segment: ACC showing Ms. Micky Team America
0:36:00Phony CNN video of burning opposition jet “hitting the ground and blowing up”
0:39:12Hillary’s nose-touching lie tell, “it is in America’s interests … to forge strategic partnerships with Arab nations”, “I also had the opportunity today to engage with my Arab counterparts” cough; female Secretaries of State like Madeline Albright calculated to piss off Arab Leaders; Nigel Farage on Haiku Herman’s December meeting with Gaddafi: “in fact there’s a jolly nice photograph of you and Mr. Gaddafi holding hands”, “perhaps he’s an old drinking mate”, “your sidekick the noble Baroness Ashton”; ElBaradei pelted with rocks at Egyptian polls
0:48:28Haitian run-off election between former first lady and “Carnival singer”, Wyclef Jean shot in hand; cholera predicted to affect over a million people; Justin Bieber celebrity auction to save planet, Yoko Ono Fukushima concert, Soles4Souls CEO Wayne Elsey agitating for telethon
0:53:57Crackpot Fukushima theories blaming undersea nukes; Playboy interview with disgraced anti-Zionist journalist Helen Thomas: Obama promises “baloney”, Biden’s over-the-top motorcade
1:00:52DADT update for Navy standards of conduct; Obama partying in Rio, Hillary’s Paris fashion
1:06:56Biodiversitée: European Wind Energy Association conference for Global Wind Day; Connie Hedegaard all-in on restrictions on nuclear power plant construction
1:09:34Piers Morgan MIT “Mitt”; MIT’s William Lehr belabors internet regulation meme to Book TV, JCD predicts podcast licenses; producer note on Verizon unlimited Facebook survey
1:17:50SecurID token data exfiltrated in RSA breach; ACC’s accidental AT&T data plan; producer note on RFID vaccine tags, US patent 7504952, Hitachi RFID for DNA samples in solution
1:23:17Donation Segment
1:34:53Feathered Cocaine falconry documentary placing Osama bin Laden’s in Baluchistan and Iran
1:42:03Potential new regulation mandating $5 ATM fees, Geithner’s Dodd-Frank waivers
1:45:07Progressive education policies vs boys and feminization of US history
1:50:09Rapiscan awarded 2012 London Olympics contracts; Rep. John Mica to TSA shill on GAO report: “if we could reveal the failure rate, the American public would be outraged”, “you said that 80% of the people … accept the use of that technology even though it doesn’t work”; Rapiscan vs Science Applications International Corporation; Darrell Issa demands travelers’ rights signage, Jason Chaffetz: “the chair will recognize that as a no
2:05:02The Onion: jobless rate 72% “after finding that millions … were listing podcasting as a job”
2:05:55London Olympics food and cell phone ban; Queensland “poop police”; anti-war protesters including Daniel Ellsberg arrested outside White House; Japanese bird flu confirmed in media
2:12:27Berkshire Hathaway stock performance coupled with media coverage of Anne Hathaway