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287 Death or Worse (2011-03-17)

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0:00:00It’s just unbelievable, we are all so excited, so thankful for everybody … thank you for everybody that has participated in this because it couldn’t have been done without everybody!” (1:49:01)
0:00:41Gilbert Gottfried fired by Aflac for Fukushima tweets; Warren Buffett’s $9bn Lubrizol buy
0:05:45McCain & Lieberman propose resolution for Libyan “provisional revolutionary government”, “Arab Spring” meme, Bill Clinton’s “not a fair fight”, “the United States of America must lead!”, “we could jam Gaddafi’s communications and his television!”, “they are fighting an unevil, unequal situation”, Clapper reinterpretation, “never again” Holocaust comparison
0:18:00Saif al-Islam Gaddafi to Euronews: Arab League’s Amr Moussa “preparing for a presidential campaign run in Egypt”, Al Jazeera “media war”, Sarkozy “must repay Libya the money he took for his election campaign”, ACC: “punk’d!”; Gaddafi inviting in China and Russia; McCain: National Transitional Council “even have a website!”, JCD’s masturbation cream, registered in Guilford, headed by Mahmoud Jibril
0:32:25Producer Segment: JCD’s “In the Morning” Nexus S ringtone;
0:40:30CIA’s Raymond Davis released by Pakistan after $33M blood money payment, Hillary “I have nothing to answer to that” NPR dodge, victim’s wife suicided, JCD: “Blackwater”; Airblue Flight 202 crash in July aimed at nuclear power plant; 38 killed in Predator drone strike
0:49:18And Now Back to Real News: tracking celebrity charity events; Letterman the only late show promoting Doctors Without Borders; “celebrity giving” rundown, JCD: “let’s consult the Book of Knowledge”, Nelson Mandela’s 46664 charity clothing brand, JCD: “Japan is not a third world starving country”, explanation for cluttered offices
0:57:38Europol busts international pedophile network with 100 arrests; suppressed Panorama and Gay Krant work on Joris Demmink; Prince Andrew hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein
1:02:37Lobbyist panel gripes about time tracking; Barbara Boxer: “the Clean Air Act prevented 160,000 cases of premature death, that’s a fact!”, “people will die!”; McCain urges saving Libyans “from the fate that … may be worse than death”; V fake Three Mile Island scenario
1:14:20Donald Trump to Neil Cavuto: treat Iraq as colony; We Are Change Holland civil rights protest in The Hague; RealID going into effect May 11, TSA swabbing palms
1:21:32“Knock three times” and 3300 dead in Fukushima, Berluscone denying 33 women
1:23:57Donation Segment
1:34:35Iowa bill by Rep. Annette Sweeney forbidding documentary filming of farming operations
1:37:15Dalai Lama resigns political position, JCD on “HR personnel search” for reincarnation, “I’ve had it with this religion … I’m gonna go whorin’ around in the Netherlands! and new “jihadi book bombs”
1:41:13Biodiversitée: German “climate disruption” meme; Hillary Clinton claims she will not run for president again, JCD vice president theory; Dutch protest for eight-year Iraq War anniversary
1:46:02New Yorkers buying iodine tablets, “and by the way, bird flu” in Japan; PBS NewsHour introduces former CIA Kenneth Pollack from Brookings Institution hated by Nixon; another National Reconnaissance Office launch from Vandenberg; ACC on nighttime chemtrails
1:54:30Nuclear physicist on Fukushima dry fuel pool scenario; Reuters “out of control” headline; Joy Behar eager to hear “such a horrific information” from Bill Nye; Anderson Cooper’s dosimeter
2:00:34Andrew Napolitano rants about Baltimore traffic citations signed by dead police officer and PJ Crowley’s ouster over Bradley Manning defense; Bill Maher: Koran “hate-filled holy book”
2:06:20Lisa Simpson: “as a feminist, virtually anything a woman does is empowering”