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286 Wonton Violence (2011-03-13)

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0:00:00ACC: (British accent) “If I eat a whole banana I might die of radiation!” (1:51:23)
0:00:36Daylight Saving Time in force; ACC’s “the big one” earthquake prediction and Fukushima “Gitmo Nation Shaky Island”, “100% earthquake machine”, IMF refusal and Standard & Poor’s downgrade, IMF President in Japan; Red Cross 30333, 33-foot waves, 3:11 on 3/11/11
0:14:07Bill Nye tries to explain nuclear reactors to Don Lemon; “expert” to Geraldo Rivera on “huge evacuation order”, iodine tablets, “foul-smelling cuts” and water contamination, ACC: “we’ll have more terror after these messages”; GE-Hitachi venture, falsified inspection results; Bing retweet challenge and Lady Gaga bracelets; Ms. Micky’s Christmas Day tsunami; JCD on Japanese floating cars and office clutter; Obama on evacuation orders: “do as you are told”
0:24:22Producer Segment: Fukushima just in time for insurance payout; Show 300 double credit
0:31:26“The price of a slave has actually collapsed to an historic low”; Edwin Black’s The Farhud
0:35:59JCD on C-SPAN spooks and “serendipity approach”, All My Children “new media”
0:39:37James Clapper predicts Gaddafi victory, Presidential Memorandum on DNI succession in case he has “died or resigned”, ACC: “Clapper is gettin’ died”, opening for Eric Schmidt
0:44:26Boring C-SPAN spook Bruce Riedel: no clue about al-Qaeda numbers, Chinese “all-weather friends” with nukes for Pakistan, India “economic cornea-copia”, Iran’s hatred Taliban hatred; Prof. James Robbins: Stuxnet “fantastic!”, ACC: “they’re saying that 4chan kiddies did this?”; Riedel on “Mini-Me” Pakistani Taliban; Mortimer Adler’s How to Speak, How to Listen
0:57:49Thom Hartmann’s Russia Today migration; Wael Ghonim TED Talk comparing Egyptian “Revolution 2.0” to Wikipedia, “one of the most inspiring stories in the history of mankind”; The Daily Bell’s Anthony Wile on Alliance of Youth Movements ties with State Department; coked-up Hillary Clinton promo, “I can’t wait to see what all of you do next!”; Riedel on administration’s “hope and change” vs Middle East “once it spins out of control”
1:07:40Clooney unveils first photos of atrocities in Sudan, Biography Channel on Matt involvement with Not On Our Watch charity, prediction: Leonardo DiCaprio up next; West Wing Week with Melinda Gates, Julia Gillard brazenly breaking carbon tax promise, Obama picks out Lincoln & Washington portraits, heavily-edited Obama “I used to teach Constitutional Law”
1:19:27Donation Segment: Bieber’s new haircut; Ms. Micky “dumb chick on television” laugh
1:32:56JCD’s random “It’s just unbelievable, we are all so excited, so thankful for everybody!
1:33:44Economist Charles Nenner to Fox Business News predicting “major war cycle” 5k Dow Jones
1:35:58Obama on “largest financial seizure of assets in our history” in Libya; Gaddafi’s “wonton violence”, “if those assets are not protected” justification, declaration of national emergency
1:43:51TSA retesting naked body scanners due to radiation concerns; Rapiscan CTO Andreas Kotowski to The Economist podcast: “the idea is not to produce nude pictures, the aim is to image threats and weapons”, “they cannot record the images” lie, “we think” scanners are safe, “a quarter of a banana is roughly equivalent to one of these scans” (CotD)
1:51:56Hillary Clinton spokeshole PJ Crowley resigns after criticizing treatment of Bradley Manning
1:52:54Annalee Newitz: “hyper-evolved vampires” attacking sheep in Mexico; ACC recommends Lifting the Veil documentary; Sen. Ed Markey on Upton-Inhofe bill to rein in EPA: “I’m worried that Republicans will overturn the law of gravity, sending us floating about the room”
1:59:25JCD’s outrageous electric bills, ACC’s $175 for water and $200 for sewer and rainwater
2:03:54Manning Up author Kay Hymowitz on culture of male disposability, “low-IQ television dads”, “mansplaining”; population control and BPA, Big Bang Theory & Two and a Half Men