Call Clooney!

285 Terror Aperture (2011-03-10)

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0:00:00ACC: “Nothing like lesbian MILF cops.” (1:34:58)
0:00:34JCD’s 3-second delay; Vivian Schiller fired by NPR, “no relation” Ron Schiller attacking Tea Party in Project Veritas undercover video, National Public Media Foundation and NPR Berlin; RPA Regional Plan Association shilling for high-speed rail, AECOM transportation executive Elliot G. Sander on board; Vivian Schiller at National Press Club Luncheon on “living abroad” during 1980s, “lying to fat American tourists” in Russia, ACC: “Russian spy” like NYT editor
0:16:26Trains Good Planes Bad: Mad Men shilling for high-speed rail, “get a bumper sticker to show your support”; Thalys “the seats are beautiful” ad; Mad Men promo funded by U.S. PIRG, JCD on CALPIRG “assholes … that pushed through the so-called bottle bill in California”, website’s “featured giving opportunities”, “taking on the big corporate lobbyists” with rail
0:25:08Gitmo prisoner review Executive Order “pusuant” to AUMF; Obama’s empty “no later than one year from now” promise; New York Times editorial blames “congressional spinelessness”
0:29:52Producer Segment
0:36:02“Lesbians mad at Justin Bieber?” and “why are the Kardashians famous?” teasers
0:38:13Russia Today on journalists living it up in Libya, Hillary’s Al Jazeera egging on crowds; Anderson Cooper’s gunfire soundtrack, ACC gunfire skit; helmetless BBC reporter “keep your head down!”, fake fighter jet attack, journalist’s head obscured in video; hospital footage loop, Cooper “cannot confirm” disclaimers, Valley girl witness: “really really really stressful”
0:52:01Ben Affleck the Hollywood shill for Congo conflict, Matt Damon waiting for assignment; EU Health Commissioner outs media fakery; Gaddafi not allowed to leave; David Petraeus and Robert Gates joking about bombing Libya; Rumsfeld still shilling for Karzai, “a lot of confidence in Petraeus” not mentioning Obama; Bill Richardson’s comment on secretly arming rebels missing from CNN transcript, pushing for no-fly zone, “get in there early”
1:04:30Oil and gas pipeline projects in Congo and Uganda, Ocean’s Eleven cast for Africa shill assignments; Sean Penn to Anthony Bourdain on Haitian arts and crafts operations
1:11:55Jesse Jackson Jr. proposes Constitutional Amendments; John McCain: iPads built in US
1:16:09Austan Goolsbee guffaws about Alan Greenspan’s economic data videos destroyed on 9/11
1:19:43Donation Segment: Noodle Boy revisited; ACC reading Moonwalking with Shakespeare
1:31:11Russia “OMOH” police rebranding, YouTube videos of girls kissing female cops
1:35:07And Now Back to Real News: producer note on Charlie Sheen ziconotide painkiller theory, based on snail toxin, ACC: “it’s his tiger blood”; Eric Schmidt potential Commerce Secretary
1:39:12Biodiversitée: Redondo Beach sardine kill-off, ACC predicts “big one” in a week, Los Angeles Times blames global warming; Atlanta resident’s $10k bill after smart water meter installation
1:50:34Lucy Napolitano to Mike Huckabee on shift from pre-9/11 “massive international infiltrations … to weaponize airplanes”, internet “accelerant”, “we don’t want to make the terror aperture too narrow”, “multiple layers” vs box cutter fail; JCD on VIPR Gestapo on plane in Seattle and in Tampa bus station, no naked scanners in Dubai; ACC agitates for Tuesday show
2:02:07$50bn worth of pharmaceuticals going out of patent; massive Amsterdam traffic jam due to HPV vaccinations; potential Glencorp merger with Xstrata
2:08:47Airworthiness directive: no more lavatory oxygen, JCD story: flight attendant sliding on puke
2:12:24Magic 33s: 133,333 Kinect sales per day, TV show identification app
2:14:32Vancouver Island severed foot, US vs Canada “foots” totals; Kansas City Army drill with CIA and Canadian military; British council tax protests; Greek youth unemployment at 38%