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284 Study says... Duh! (2011-03-06)

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0:00:00ACC: “Bradley Manning does not exist, I just don’t believe it!” (2:09:15)
0:00:35Justin Bieber’s trending #ITM, ACC: “probably the CIA”
0:01:50Subtle media shift from Libya “uprising” to “rebels”, JCD on “O’Ddafi” embarrassing Obama by winning, Syria’s extortionist role due to lack of oil; Dutch Marine helicopter crew and British SAS “consultants” captured; scripted CNN on need for more international involvement, Wolf Blitzer downplays Libya-Bosnia parallel, mustard gas meme, ACC looking for no-fly zone and “surgical strikes”; Hillary’s ousted Luxembourg ambassador and link to Gaddafi finances
0:16:13Zbigniew Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard and unrest for formation of NWO Middle East Union, Al Jazeera “A Middle East Without Borders”; Mariah Carey single for human rights
0:20:37Charlie Sheen “rhymes with winning”; Sheen’s Korner flop, New York Times hit piece
0:24:20Producer Segment: NPR “giving levels” aggression; ACC Whole Foods “screw the planet!”
0:40:30Gold at $1430, Utah & Tennessee considering gold-backed currencies under Tenth Amendment
0:45:32“Just water vapor” e-cigarette ad; morning shows pushing buying homes in foreclosure, interest rates “not gonna stay low for long”; federal government owning too much land meme
0:52:17Greek public officials refusing to collect tolls and fines; US “domestic anarchists” meme
0:55:03ISO International Socialist Organization, millennial “Noodle Boy” on Noodles & Company job: “basically it’s a dictatorship there, we’re told exactly what we’re gonna cook, how we’re gonna cook it, what time we’re gonna get there, and basically if they don’t like what they’re doing they try to tell us what to do and if we don’t listen they get rid of us”, JCD: “the nerve of them!” (CotD); JCD on Mevio millennial’s lazy roommates, lost tradition of summer jobs
1:02:51Insider trading Galleon Group’s Rajat Gupta a White House regular; “Ted” Rumsfeld to Bill O’Reilly on Afghan corruption: “how many countries in the world are corrupt ‚Ķ look at the United States!”, “no indication” that calf fetus hat-wearing Karzai is corrupt, “there’s gambling in the casino, oh my goodness!”, Mexican border “terribly dangerous thing”, “maybe someone in his family” to succeed Karzai; Twitter “dickbar” of idiotic “trending” topics
1:14:16West Wing Week with “slum lord from Chicago” Valerie Jarrett glued to Obama (ACCPPotD)
1:16:00Trains Good Planes Bad: Today teaser for avoiding germs on airplanes; TSA misses box cutters snuck aboard Jet Blue which “fell out of the passenger’s carry-on luggage”
1:19:02Lucy Napolitano on budget for DNDO Domestic Nuclear Detection Office “securing the cities”, “we want to add another city to it”; Lucy scolds Rep. Pat Meehan for citing GAO report critical of $6.8bn bioterrorism preparedness program, “allegedly pointing out alleged vulnerabilities”
1:29:05Kathleen Sebelius runs out timer after being called out for double counting Medicare cut
1:32:12Rep. Ben Quayle on budget for 33k “detention beds” for Southwest Border, Napolitano “President Quayle”; 130 Congressional staffers former lobbyists in spite of Obama’s empty promise
1:39:08Donation Segment: sealing wax to accompany Knight rings
1:51:45ABC “exciting news on the vaccine front”: vaccines “seem to protect” against cancer, “a larger study needs to be completed to further prove that theory”; JCD recommends Network News; pertussis and meningitis vaccination laws; investments by Gates Foundation and H&HS
2:04:47Bradley Manning aiding the enemy charge, ACC asserts Manning does not exist
2:12:19Magic numbers: 33-month low joblessness; two NASA climate change satellite fails
2:14:25Biodiversit√©e: sixth mass extinction, British coastline “havoc”; VSI water meter promo
2:20:05GE and Intel collaborate on “Quiet Care” for high-tech spying on old people
2:24:13History of Office of Personnel Management screwing Post Office out of billions