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283 Farsi Farce (2011-03-03)

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0:00:00JCD: “Apparently they brought some hot Ukrainians with ‘em.” (0:56:04)
0:00:34ACC’s “lines of code” insomnia; JCD’s Charlie Sheen clips
0:02:551997’s Wag the Dog and Libya; John Kerry welcomes “Herr Hillary” to Foreign Relations Committee, “tools to prevent the slaughter of innocents”, “bombing” B-roll; Hillary “our civilians” meme, “Arabian Peninsul” fail; JCD on publicizing Somali pirates: “give ‘em a boat full of babies and puppies!”, Hillary: “it helps Haiti rebuild”, “tear down the walls” with DoD
0:14:44Hillary’s “information war”, “I have this group of young, y’know, techno-experts who are out there engaging on websites”, JCD: “we’re the experts at bullcrap, and I’m not gonna let anybody else out-bullcrap us!”, no Twitter “I’m from the techno-expert team” profiles
0:26:30Hillary on competition with China, “straight realpolitik” in Papua New Guinea, support for Fijian dictator, “competing with Iran” meme; Pan Am 103 bombing resurrected, arrogant “I represented New York”, ACC: “she was in college!”; Marc Rich pardon and Glencorp IPO
0:40:58ACC on false flag crash of Dutch Lynx helicopter in Libya with wrong number of personnel
0:43:29Producer Segment: One Day in Gitmo Nation Kindle edition; Bullshit Filter Firefox plug-in
0:52:27Syria potentially next on the hit list; Gaddafi kids in Venezuela; Susan Rice praises suspension of Libya from Human Rights Council, Venezuelan UN representative’s rant on US “warmongering mobilization”; Swiss freezing assets and Executive Order blocking financial transactions, ACC “deal gone bad” theory, $30bn in private equity firms
0:59:52Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton epic stammer “to-to-to-to-to-to-to-to t-t-t-t-quell the stampede”
1:01:34ACC Hollywood Whackers theory on Charlie Sheen’s business dispute with Chuck Lorre
1:05:41And Now Back to Real News: medical experts to Stephanopoulos on Sheen’s bipolar disorder, “pressured speech” and drug withdrawal; Sheen wackiness compilation, Alex Jones phone appearance, “you’re fabulous” for Piers Morgan, JCD on nose job and subsequent breakage
1:15:10Taco Bell “88% premium ground beef and 12% signature recipe”, “oats and sodium phosphate”; “sugar is sugar” ad; Rep. Ted Poe on EPA regulating “particulate matter emissions, more commonly known to you and me as dust
1:23:25Michael Moore to GRITtv: “there is only so much cash”, “that’s a national resource, that’s ours”; Obama on federal employee salary freezes vs situation where “their rights are infringed upon”; Win author Frank Luntz on “public” vs “government” workers in public opinion
1:30:23Vodafone equipment theft knocks out network; plagiarist German Defense Minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg resigns; David Brooks propagating “new normal” meme
1:32:59Biodiversitée: Weather Underground blames global warming for record snow, NOAA disagrees
1:35:56Gmail outage, JCD notified of Verizon One shutdown, Gmail “tape backups”
1:38:15Donation Segment
1:54:52Toronto smart water meter PSA, “consumption data and a serial number”, new shutoff valves
1:57:46Dutch internal revenue service receiving mortgage information from banks, €3800 or three months in jail for illegally-parked bicycles; EU pushing “harmonized” minimum wage
2:02:41Democracy Now on underreported Iraq-wide riots, “we are educated youts”
2:06:23One UK surveillance camera per 32 people; ACC’s driving test, L1 Identity Solutions camera
2:10:17UK used as cocaine trafficking hub; Enbrel arthritis drug side effect roster; lab-grown swine & bird flu hybrids with “greater killing power”, Baxter International’s new EU flu vaccine
2:16:30Trains Good Planes Bad: Berkshire Hathaway’s Burlington Northern acquisition; magic 33s
2:21:08JCD on George Clooney and Gong Show’s CIA assassin Chuck Barris