Call Clooney!

282 GaGa & Little Boy (2011-02-27)

Show 282 album art
0:00:00ACC: (whoosh!) “Nuclear bomb kills nine million in Pakistan…!” (2:08:48)
0:00:47Red skies in the morning; JCD ditches Rino the Bearded “Streamtacular” with Doug interview
0:02:12NPR On the Media’s Andy Carvin repeating Libya tweets as news, “nobody disputes” social media’s effectiveness, “tirelessly, almost obsessively serving as a conduit in and out of … Libya”
0:14:12Gaddafi: al-Qaeda drugging rebels with US help, official: he’s “nuts”; British Navy ship vs American “party boat” for evacuation; McCain brushes aside warnings from Robert Gates
0:19:03Austan Goolsbee to unimpressed Jon Stewart on “win the future” chosen by “the message people”, Goolsbee caught flat-footed with “we’re trying to kill poor people” heating oil price
0:25:53Shadow Puppet Theater: Council of Economic Advisers membership rundown with single Berkeley professor, ACC: “there is a definition of fascism that does not include the boots and the guns”; Vesicare overactive bladder drug “constipated for three or more days” side effects
0:32:14Producer Segment: “Douchebag Court”;
0:48:06Louis C.K. to Donald Rumsfeld on “The Opie and Jonathan Show”: “are you a lizard?”, Rumsfeld: “here’s the short answer: I’m in New York City”; Tosh.0 out-of-context pottery “get your hand very wet, get this very wet”, “you might accidentally pull a piece off”
0:52:49Timothy Geithner’s brother David to be Time Inc. executive; Soros hiring former Obama energy bureaucrat Cathy Zoi; FDA to approve GMO fish, “genetically enhanced” meme, labeling and First Amendment, “bullcrap” rBST-free labeling, resistant “superweed” fractal
1:00:25And Now Back to Real News: Sheryl Lee Ralph on Oscars as “American coronation”; Newsweek on “freelance diplomat” George Clooney, The Ides of March film promotion
1:06:12State Department walks back denial of knowledge about Raymond Davis Pakistan incident, John Kerry meets with President Zardari, New York Times ordered to suppress CIA background, nuclear weapon handoff theory, Times “brutally hard call” doublespeak of the week
1:12:55Jeremy Bernard first openly gay White House social secretary; pathological liar Sen. Scott Brown to Lesley Stahl on tell-all book: “it’s like half-truths, I’d like to just get it out there”
1:20:05Obama signs Patriot Act surveillance extension, “non-American lone wolf suspects” language
1:22:36Donation Segment: “assassitainment”
1:35:31CBS on DHS Operation Gunrunner allowing firearms smuggling into Mexico, Brian Terry two to the head, Ruby Ridge & Waco comparison, “letting the guns walk” strategy
1:46:05Army General ordering psy-ops on senators, “illegal under any circumstances”, “attempting to bamboozle senators”; Matt Taibbi critic Lara Logan’s “rape”; Anna Chapman story Salt
1:55:19And Now Back to Real News: “uproar” over Lady Gaga holding hands with young boy after “erotic” photo shoot, “Hot 97” host K.Foxx: “wait until you see her concert on HBO”
1:58:30Biodiversitée: No Agenda News Network; avition “user pays”, International Nitrogen Initiative; Huffington Post: Climategate scientists “exonerated”; Harvard researcher Matthew Waldor predicts cholera from global warming; NASA global warming fix: nuclear war
2:09:07Roster of dead/jailed/missing people with Deepwater Horizon connections; Chicago Code planted child pornography; IBM Watson for healthcare, climate change gig in the Red Book
2:14:48Dutch electronic ID cards, military on streets, Nijmegen drones; Finnish government rootkits; Danish alcoholic sterilization; excess Gitmo jewelry; US drones on Quebec border; Greece to sell off billions in state assets; German Defense Minister’s plagiarized PhD; magic number 33s
2:21:37Trains Good Planes Bad: Ray LaHood irked over Florida rejecting high-speed rail, “trains … that are on time”, “President O’Biden”, interviewer: “why not have a higher gasoline tax?”