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281 Escape from Madrid (2011-02-24)

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0:00:00JCD: “Why does three o’clock have to be four o’clock?” (1:56:08)
0:00:33“Feisty” JCD back in Northern Silicon Valley, “I have some thoughts about Spain”
0:04:29Earthquake machine hits Christchurch, audio from university lecture, “effects of liquefaction”, JCD: “earthquake nut” Mimi notes extremely low activity from USGS; HAARP activity spike, 100 beached pilot whales, last-minute cancellation by Lucy Napolitano, text 333 to Vodafone to donate $3, $60bn in oil discovered off coast; 5.9 quake in Suez Canal for Iranian warships
0:12:56Libya’s 6M population, right-wing media agitated over Muslim Brotherhood, Google “Libya China oil”, MSM “crazy Gaddafi” meme; G20 negotiation “bureaucratese”, “largest oil and gas reserves in all of Africa”, China after “lottery ticket in black gold”; Mr. Oil’s The Oil Show
0:21:35New York Times “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Persists” article eclipsed by gay marriage distraction
0:25:08Producer Segment: No Agenda Human Resource iOS game
0:34:43ACC on show length creep since early days, Tuesday show idea, no-contact policy; Piers Morgan needling Larry King; ACC’s custom “Doug” mug; JCD unimpeded at customs
0:41:21TSA naked body scanners gathering dust; Australian scanners as alternative to hospital X-rays for drug smuggling detection; Julia Gillard promises to “price carbon”; TSA groping children in Savannah after getting off train; Tacoma International restaurant TSA “no eat list”
0:46:20No GMO news in Europe, Green Party in cahoots with Communist Party; Daily Mail: more vitamins in produce grown with pesticides; UK DEFRA okays cloned cow milk, 1bn hectares of GMOs, Roundup Ready animal miscarriages, Monsanto Technology Stewardship Agreement
0:52:41Supreme Court rules vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued; Ohio State researcher: oral sex worse throat cancer offender than tobacco; NPR Marketplace on Russian flu drug Arbidol: “then the drug got a boost that money can’t buy: the outbreak of swine flu in April of 2009”
1:02:25Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok on “enormous expansion in radical right-wing groups”, “especially anti-government patriot groups”, mainstreaming of “conspiracy theories”
1:11:15Donation Segment
1:24:42Obama’s Council of Economic Advisers picks up AOL’s Steve Case and former Charles River Associates consultant Carl Shapiro; JCD all-in on Inside Job documentary; Austan Goolsbee saved from internet sales tax question by Obama: “I’m sorry, did I interrupt an answer?”
1:32:58And Now Back to Real News: Randy Quaid apparently in Canada to stay; Whoopi Goldberg irked at New York Times for not mentioning her Academy Award: “this is not some bozo newspaper from Hoochie-Coochie Land”; new book to detail Julian Assange’s hobby of fathering illegitimate children; The King’s Speech sabotaged with gay porno set rumor
1:40:31Border Patrol agent killed with gun smuggled by ATF, anti-gun Andrew Traver nomination, GOA’s Larry Pratt: “literally running guns into Mexico to jack up the numbers”, Megyn Kelly: “we’ll decide the topics that we discuss with a guest”, ACC: “cut him off now, Megyn!
1:49:14Biodiversit√©e: British animated video for children with dying bees; lame British “if you suspect it, report it”; push to ditch GMT for tourism, WWII-era’s four time changes, ACC on Amusing Ourselves to Death “servants of time”, JCD on Lewis Mumford and monastery timekeeping
1:57:50Suppressed news of Greek riots; “nutritional trace element” lithium increases life expectancy; GPS trackers for Anaheim high school students; Jon Stewart’s “at least” thanks for Rumsfeld
2:04:51CNN “Nancy Grace clone”: “isn’t it time for cameras on every street corner?”; Dutch bus drivers recruited to rat out illegal African housekeepers; Posse Comitatus workaround with Canada; British precrime via brain-scanning children; 11-year-old boy arrested for drawing