Call Clooney!

27 China Syndrome (2008-04-19)

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0:00:27ACC tinkering with SIP protocol, JCD: “the problem is, it doesn’t work”, ACC’s podcasting setup screencast project, Faderfox MIDI controller, aka.remote app
0:09:50Time for a new ACC CPB experiment, ACC: “let’s record it this time”
0:13:14Patricia’s iMac on the fritz; CVC’s Renault Twingo, ACC’s Smart Car; fridge on the fritz
0:18:46JCD on new $5 bill, “play money”, giant “5” in lavender, expired British non-“E” bills, variable-size French banknotes; Gordon Brown visit overwhelmed in media by Pope stories
0:25:04JCD now on Twitter, ollower optimization; JCD vs ACC long hair, friends aging overnight
0:41:4470k militia hired for Iraq surge; digital & desert camouflage patterns
0:46:12Mike Caracciolo “The Kid From Brooklyn”
0:48:11JCD on screwing dollar to mess with China, Beijing Olympics in August, JCD on Chinese vs Vietnamese artists’ sky paining techniques, Chinese taking over Africa with construction contracts and grey-market electronics, cutthroat Malaysian Chinese
1:07:10Dan Rather’s “Red Chinese”, JCD story: 1996 trip to Beijing, looking for Mao jackets, roll of Mao posters, Vancouver to Shanghai, Hong Kong airport $1.50 Coke vs mainland $0.18
1:13:33JCD on unfixable crappy MSM: “it’s like good taste, if you don’t have it, you don’t miss it”