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279 Dr. Watson I presume? (2011-02-17)

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0:00:00Goolsbee: “They have to cross what in the business they refer to as the Valley of Death”
0:00:38JCD in Madrid “Gitmo Nation Tortilla” at Puerta América hotel; $9.1M human resource “human capital”; Ford Pinto human life value; birth certificate collateral theory; JCD on Delta Elite Business class with “giant down comforter” pillows, Ford Focus rollout gig
0:08:38Nature paper linking heavy rain to human activity; Bill Gates promoting eugenics to Charlie Rose, JCD on Gates’ The Simpsons Dr. Hibbert sentence-end laugh, “inappropriate smile”
0:14:58JCD on Monopoly game update fractal, tower that “issues instructions”, “something Stalin would’ve dreamed up”; IBM Watson takes on Jeopardy! “geo-party”, Final Jeopardy miss “with a lot of question marks which means, of course, that Watson had many many doubts”; “deep analytics”, next version “Doctor Watson”, JCD on early 1980s medical expert systems
0:26:04Producer Segment: Scott McKenzie’s One Day in Gitmo Nation on Amazon
0:33:27Timothy “Leave it to Beaver” Geithner on payroll taxes: “I unfortunately have in the public sector all my life” lie, “I do think it’s a good deal” of $67bn in tax hikes after 2013; Austan Goolsbee “some person in their garage” meme, startup companies’ “Valley of Death”, Startup America Initiative; Geithner dodges question with barrage of doublespeak
0:45:20Obama stammering like Tavis Smiley “almost like a milieu”, “le-le-le-le-lemme, lemme just speak to this generally”, ACC: “the minute he has to ad lib, smoke comes out of his ears”
0:48:01Hillary Clinton on internet “wrongdoing on an unprecedented scale”; Budapest Convention on Cybercrime ratification, “insulting publicly … persons for the reason that they belong to a group distinguished by race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin, as well as religion”, “xenophobia” definition; 80k domains seized in error by ICE Operation Protect Our Children
0:59:10NCIS Los Angeles “I used their VNC controller to piggyback the upload with a trojan and corrupt the streaming data packets by initiating a stack-buffer overflow”, “I broke the internet”
1:02:29Obama “I don’t have to make calls for Rahm Emanuel” evasion, JCD: “I don’t have to beat my wife”; new White House spokeshole Jay Carney tries “look!” tactic, healthcare secret meetings vs Obama “these negotiations will be on C-SPAN”, insulting “adult in the room” meme
1:10:07Donation Segment
1:23:30Massive solar X-flare, Comet Elenin due March 15; Tahrir Square “green horseman of the Apocalypse” video; Brits betting on which country is next; Belgian French fries revolution
1:29:17JCD unable to make sense of George Clooney’s The American, excised Get Shorty plane crash
1:32:40ACC: journalists assaulted in Egypt for being part of the problem, “throw your shoe at them!”
1:35:21Fox boos vs C-SPAN cheers in video of Ron Paul winning CPAC straw poll; Megyn Kelly blows lid off San Diego WMD, distraction from informant Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janab lying about Iraqi WMDs; FBI’s 100% chance of US bing hit with WMD; House passes Patriot Act extension in wake of Lucy Napolitano’s hysteria; Jay Carney: two-year extension “helpful”, “so that there’s certainty in the community going forward”, JCD: “lazy law enforcement”
1:46:58Monsanto shill Tom Vilsack all-in on GMO corn, frost-resistant tree “frankenforest” patents
1:50:11FCC stamp of approval for SamKnows “secret sauce” in free wireless broadband routers
1:53:23Presidential Medal of Freedom for George H.W. Bush; Barbara Bush’s quick wit
1:54:36Trains Good Planes Bad: Tampa-Orlando line rejected, WaPo op-ed slamming high-speed rail, ACC: “step it up” call for Hill+Knowlton; China proposing rail to replace Panama Canal
1:58:56Don’t ask don’t tell memo on process to “solidify the format of progress updates”
2:00:34Speedier flu vaccine manufacturing, Gardasil stillbirths, free Chantix in Canada; magic 33s