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278 Pap Schmear (2011-02-13)

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0:00:00ACC: “It’s a new test, brought to you by Nabisco.” (1:36:34)
0:00:32JCD predicts another foot on the shore; ACC’s corporate video gig; JCD’s MIA Fresca receipt
0:04:34Austan Goolsbee on Wireless Innovation and Infrastructure Initiative, top internet companies’ “employment ‚Ķ has gone up 588%!”, “there are even two kid millionaires in Finland selling games about angry birds!”, “if we are going to win the future we need to dominate this space!”, ACC: “we’ve gotta do the bird stuff, over here!”, nonexistent “fourth generation wireless”, “big chunk of airwave spectrum” around 500 MHz, Wireless Innovation Fund with “some seed moneys”, “it’s gonna take it to the next level, ‘cause that’s the American way”
0:23:27Egyptian revolution wrapped up with military takeover in time for Grammies
0:25:40Producer Segment: pile of producer domain redirects,
0:32:03JCD on Super Bowl militarism, predicts America the Beautiful national anthem replacement, Glee promotion; Colin Powell Declaration of Independence, JCD on “tyranny” of King George lowering taxes, mind-controlled drunken slaves “we are home!”; Russia ditches DST
0:42:37Biodiversit√©e: Haiku Herman on “objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80-95%”, “wasteland or wind park, smog-filled cities or smart electricity grids”, “developing clean veyckles”; Military Channel documentary with old-timer terminology “bosh” and “tommy-rot”
0:49:16Donald Trump promoting Celebrity Apprentice by “pretending to run for president”; Geraldo Rivera distracts from CPAC straw poll with Fox poll omitting Ron Paul altogether; Trump: “by the way, Ron Paul cannot get elected, I’m sorry to say”, ACC: “throw a shoe!
0:55:16And Now Back to Real News: Trump “Extra starts right now”, Grammy hype; JCD on identical phrasing across networks; Bloomberg’s Kimberly Jordan heads to Hill+Knowlton
1:00:44Atlas Shrugged: Part I trailer with Trains Good Planes Bad footage, ACC: “it’s gonna suck!”
1:03:36Donation Segment
1:15:19Predicted Ides of March magnetic pole flip and potential worldwide aurora
1:18:31“Golden Voice” Ted Williams objects to “scripted” rehab; ACC on newly-sober Steve Coogan
1:22:50Joy Behar on internet porn: “why are men into this so much lately?”, gay guy: “much of it has gone free now”, 50-500% masturbation spike; Rep. Cristopher Lee’s bathroom selfie scandal
1:33:30British doctors demanding HPV vaccination; gay publications pushing “anal pap smear”
1:36:48“Scientists at Hershey’s” hyping benefits of dark chocolate; “triple the price” for produce due to “unprecedented crop losses” in Northern Mexico; Google “frost resistant Monsanto”
1:43:13Fort Hood shooter’s lawyer to “hard-ass” Judge Jeanine Pirro; Ground Truth PTSD documentary; lawyer cut off after mentioning Anwar al-Awlaki’s Pentagon luncheon; former FBI David Williams on “ticking time bombs”, “radicalization of the population”, al-Awlaki “native English speaker”; Worldwide Threat Hearing, “Osama bin Laden is no longer the nation’s number one threat”, “English-speaking cleric”, Mike Rogers: “personalities are gonna rise and fall”, Dutch Ruppersberger: al-Awlaki using social media “to recruit homegrown terrorists”
1:55:53JCD on “insulting” media mind control, office high-speed rail debate, desire for higher taxes
2:00:24“Liberation Square” morphed back to “Tahrir”, Wael Ghonim Revolution 2.0 book plug; Swiss all too eager to blab about Mubarak’s assets; worse riots vs cleaning plaza storylines
2:04:52$18M source code released; February 18 recommended for 11/11/11 babies
2:06:46Dutch “DNA spray” precrime; Australia rental car tracking; Denmark may ditch euro; no Italian shoe-throwing; Southampton fluoride, porn copyright extortion; magic 33s; WHO alcohol death toll; IMF “new world currency”; 3D Royal Wedding; Playboy Mansion chip implants