Call Clooney!

277 Gingerbread Nation (2011-02-10)

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0:00:00ACC: (whoosh!)Lobbyist gets whacked, next Geraldo!” (1:50:59)
0:00:34Gasoline up around $3.70; ACC’s electrical anomaly affecting stream
0:02:27Lucy Napolitano just in time for Patriot Act vote: “in some ways the threat today may be at its most heightened state since the attacks nearly ten years ago”, Rep. Bennie Thompson concerned about “anti-tax groups”, Lucy “al-Qaeda associates”; Michael Leiter on AQAP Inspire magazine, “information technology architecture”, ACC: “it’s called Facebook”
0:11:19Napolitano on “lone wolf” threat, new naked body scanner software with “much more a kind of gingerbread man image”, Grisham The Gingerbread Man movie; JCD on lack of real policing; ACC’s Burbank Airport “slave aquarium” explosive boot scan after magnetometer alert
0:25:37Producer Segment
0:34:25ACC-JCD dinner at Fresca Peruvian restaurant, JCD loses “save it for the show” notes
0:36:32Tony the Terrorist on Mubarak’s Constitutional dynasty bid, bread price increase, “nothing going to happen in Jordan”, no crime among Yemeni gun nuts, Egypt’s 80M population; Google’s Wael Ghonim, protesters moving from Tahrir Square to Parliament; CIA coming out of woodwork, new Hill+Knowlton website with kids’ games, Clandestine Services internships; The Economist “shoe-thrower’s index”; Wyclef Jean “we witchoo” video for “Facebook heads”
0:56:57Al Jazeera funded by British intelligence; ACC on Neil Postman’s Amusing Ourself to Death; “in front of the… Parliament” bell; Mubarak’s money safe in UK; Facebook police intelligence
1:06:12David Cameron on failure of multiculturalism; push for “national cybersecurity program”, “countersurveillance and intelligence gathering”; George Monbiot “Corporate Coup d’Etat”
1:14:07Donation Segment: JCD reminder not to use show numbers in album art
1:30:47No Agenda thinking”; WHO confirms H1N1 vaccine narcolepsy; January JAMA article: “few takers” for shingles vaccine, current USA Today “short supply”; JCD on pan-flu money loser
1:37:54Trains Good Planes Bad: Joe Biden introduces $53bn high-speed rail project; Colby Itkowitz blog predicts more fuel taxes, JCD on unprofitable high-speed lines; Ray LaHood and NASA engineer give Toyota a pass on sudden acceleration, ACC: “Google Japan treasuries”; oil lobbyist Ashley Turton two-to-the-head in SUV garage fire blamed on halogen headlights
1:51:27Breaking News: “the 2010 egg is better than the 2002 egg”; JCD on bleached wheat scam
1:53:51Hillary Clinton to Televisa’s Denise Maerker on legalizing drugs: “too much money in it”; WikiLeaks cable oil production plateau spun as peak oil, ACC predicts September peak
1:57:31Spook producer note on Northrop Grumman “don’t worry, there’ll be another war”, MITRE Corporation always at classified conferences; former CIA Robert Baer on visiting Iran
2:03:19ACC’s IPv6 RFID cash tracking theory; BBC on banknote RFID chips; microwave treatment
2:06:04Network news medical experts disagree on paper linking diet soda and heart disease, ABC: “I don’t buy the findings”, “you’re gonna start to crave that intense sweetness”; NBC: “it is an abstract”, “without being able to pinpoint the link”, ACC: “to aspartame”, “we don’t know where the it is”, “there’s no reason to think that this is, that there is a villain in Diet C… beverages”, ACC Coke-Pepsi war theory, JCD preemptive aspartame phase-out theory
2:16:27Biodiversitée: USA Today “new normal”; Michelle Malkin spots “seize the future” shift; Project 333 for 33 items in closet for 3 months, Microsoft patches 33 flaws and 3 zero-days
2:20:32Dutch Central Bank orders retirement fund gold divestiture, JCD on gold dumping fad
2:21:59Hands Across California for community colleges, ACC: “these people look like retards”
2:26:34Emergency Alert System to go live for “a message … from el Presidente or Lucy”