Call Clooney!

276 Cleopatra Returns (2011-02-06)

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0:00:00ACC: (whoosh!)No one has better information than Weather Central!” (1:36:00)
0:00:35ACC’s cheap tickets to San Francisco because of Super Bowl; Daily Source Code call for post-nap shoe-throwing revolution, “shoe” lyrics, JCD: “you know who else likes it, Sketchers”
0:02:53Egypt “rage and revolution” and Angelina Jolie’s Cleopatra film; diplomat Frank Wisner thrown under bus; State Department brings down ambassador to Luxembourg and top Obama fundraiser Cynthia Stroum; NBC President of the World: the Bill Clinton Phenomenon
0:11:44Producer Segment; Ask Adam: Concorde ownership by the ultra-rich
0:23:11Just Take Your Meds: Ashton Kutcher in “magazine gay guys read” Men’s Fitness
0:24:12Ask Adam: Free Speech TV “Palestinian LGBTQ movement”, ACC “LBGTAQ” al-Qaeda
0:26:15Kutcher the Alex Jones prepper; Men’s Health 33 sex tips with “turn her body into a juicer”
0:30:50Vodafone service cutoff, “forced” to send pro-Mubarak messages; Bill Gates at UN mHealth Summit touting cell phones for vaccination tracking, “you have to get in at a fairly early age”; UN Foundation’s Kathy Calvin on technology “to provide health incomes, to improve health in… outcomes”, Vodafone & Rockefeller Foundations, former Hill+Knowlton shill
0:42:18Scripted Bill Gates to Sanjay Gupta on vaccines for “reducing population growth”, anti-vaccine people “kill children”; EPA’s Lisa Jackson on “ability to try to forestall a child who may not get autism if they’re not exposed to contaminated water”, Experts on the Payroll jingle
0:52:16White House blog on being blamed by “questionable” source for Texas blackouts, JCD on CA blackout “scam”, GE coal plants in Mexico, “cold weather demand south of the border”
0:57:40Mr. Oil irked at Glencore PLC’s Marc Rich making a killing on $0.13 gasoline hike, British fuel duty taxable tax, VLCC very large crude carriers waiting on Egypt situation, boon for rail; Dow Jones predicting $200, insider “collar strategy”; Egyptian gas pipeline attacked
1:09:30ACC on ReSurge donor seeking New Zealand property; upcoming ACC-JCD dinner
1:13:41Donation Segment: barony certificate under construction
1:28:08ACC’s 2008 “space war”, US-China military satellite standoff; Vandenberg Minotaur I launch
1:31:09Biodiversitée: E.L. Rothschild LLC buys 70% of Weather Central LP; Gitmo Nation magic numbers; Chrysler CEO apologizes for “shyster loans”; Estonians find stolen carbon credits
1:41:17PBS pundit Mark Shields name-drops 1896 Finley Peter Dunne writings
1:44:44DHS contract for backscatter imaging of entire light civil aircraft
1:46:41More evidence of link between flu vaccine and narcolepsy in children; anti-Tourette’s chip
1:48:52Obama proposes internet kill switch for Hoover Dam; UN EastWest Foundation calling for Geneva Convention on cyberwar; Wired on “Hoover Dam’s floodgates”; NASDAQ hacking
1:53:23Inter-American Dialogue’s Michael Shifter on giving up on Haiti; Jude Célestin out of run-off
1:58:36“Cliche of the day” Egypt’s reliance on tourism and foreign aid; JCD all-in on Egyptian cotton; douchebag Bob Gregory’s “nihilists who are evil” comment on Brookings Institution’s Kenneth Pollack’s “frustrated revolutionaries” terrorism analysis
2:03:13Piers Morgan’s lame stock question for Anthony Hopkins; exorcist for The Exorcist
2:07:05Eliot Spitzer interviews Anjem Choudary about radical Islam “lone conspicuous absence” in Egypt; ACC’s AT&T data woes, JCD on Aric the Shill’s $8k bill for week in Finland; Stephen Harper US-Canada border deal “not about sovereignty” lie, Keystone XL “dirty oil” protests
2:21:18British court: man with low IQ may not reproduce, ACC: “but enough about Tony Blair”; Mexico ditches US dollar; women to throw underwear at Berluscone’s house; 4M Dutch phone taps; Argentina refuses to believe its own inflation forecasts; USDA all-in on GMO sugar beets