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275 The New Normal (2011-02-03)

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0:00:00ACC: (whoosh!)Raw milk: it’ll kill ya!” (1:35:43)
0:00:34JCD: “I’m in Egypt, Adam!”; “nap and trade”, iNap app; PR Associate Maynard asks Australian optometrist about “the big eyeball vodka shot fiasco”
0:08:26Mohamed ElBaradei a member of International Crisis Group, Henry Kissinger to Bloomberg reporter “standing like a hooker on the street corner”: ElBaradei “will disappear from the scene”, “there are other forces that have not been…”, removal of Mubarak “only the first scene of the first act of a drama that has to be played out”; Omar Suleiman’s annoying voice
0:16:24Producer Segment: Google “no agenda” SEO; Geoff Smith jingle
0:23:02ACC all-in on Egyptian revolution, “Liberation Square”, Gulf of Mexico drilling impetus
0:25:28Ask Adam: “where’s Glenn Beck?” to discuss $200 per barrel meme with scripted former Shell CEO, potential $5 gasoline, call to reinstate offshore drilling, low price of natural gas
0:36:51Biodiversitée: Chicago paralyzed by winter storm; Union of Concerned Scientists’ Brenda Ekwurzel answers MSNBC’s “why the name?”, “we are burning a lot of coal and oil”, “turbocharging weather patterns”, “new normal” meme, “we’ve sort of blown open the planet’s freezer door”, repeated “ironically” talking point; Punxsutawney Phil predicts early Spring
0:48:19Jim Rogers to CNBC on shortage of farmers and potential impact on food prices
0:52:47Shadow Puppet Theater: former Monsanto executive Michael Taylor deputy commissioner at FDA; JCD Googles “farmers in India suicide”; young Australian woman on nearly dying of aspartame poisoning, “clean bill of health” from EU, “most tested food additive in history”; CPAC Defender of the Constitution award for Donald Rumsfeld, ACC: “throw your shoe!”
1:00:35JCD calls for “experts on the payroll” jingle, Geoff Smith (whoosh!) and If You See Something, Say Something jingle
1:01:55Donation Segment
1:13:59Videos of UFO above Temple Mount in Israel; Ask John Dvorak: Chuck Schumer “we have three branches of government: we have a House, we have a Senate, we have a President”
1:17:24Law & Order: SVU “we have a billionaire pervert flying in underage girls for sex”; Fox attacking GE over its 3% corporate tax; British middle class income tax potentially at 80%
1:23:34British heroin shortage and Afghan crop failures due to “mysterious white powder”; Loose Change 9/11 producer Korey Rowe arrested on heroin charges; Julian Assange film optioned
1:27:34FDA “hold the salt” recommendations, “Big Nurse” expert; “all African-Americans” being targeted in addition to those with actual diseases, Huffington Post’s Darya Pino: “um, I think it’s a problem, um, y’know, the health issues and uh hypertension and blood pressure are a problem in that uh community and um…”, JCD: “she’s an idiot!”; Taco Bell silicon dioxide; CDC warning on raw milk’s risk to “infants, young children, and the elderly”
1:36:41Homefront video game 2023 “national flu epidemic”; eugenicist Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donates $1.6bn to Gavi Alliance to inject African children with pneumonia vaccine, Save the Children’s No Child Born to Die campaign, “another vaccine against diarrhea”; Pandemrix H1N1 vaccine causing narcolepsy in Finland; Anderson Cooper punched in the face in Cairo; former Bush administration insider Catherine Austin Fitts on depopulation agenda
1:48:56And Now Back to Real News: Live to Dance scripted crying and flubbed line; CNN contacts ACC about MTV and nerd culture, Bridalplasty final, Skin pedophilia hysteria
1:57:52Pakistanis protesting release of American spook diplomat and arrest of killer
2:01:13Trains Good Planes Bad: Dutch high-speed rail in danger of bankruptcy; sumo match-fixing