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273 Nap for Humanity (2011-01-27)

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0:00:00JCD: “I denounce you!” (1:08:04)
0:01:45Clarence Thomas absent from State of the Union speech; Rep. John Thune to Greta Van Susteren on repeat of last year’s speech, “wine salesman” 2035 electric car promises; no clapping by Joint Chiefs, adulation for sneaky “starting this year no American will be forbidden from serving the country they love because of who they love”; Sarah Palin: “tough speech to … try to stomach”, WTF “winning the future” meme; George Stephanopoulos lying about applause volume; top-ranked “our” and “new”, missing “green” and “climate”; news anchor meetings
0:18:54Bat Signal Mac app; Ron Paul lists federal departments to shut down along with Federal Reserve; Nancy Pelosi clone Australian PM Julia Gillard proposes “one-time flood levy”
0:25:37Producer Segment: “we throw in the penny” sound effect; JCD “Massachusnuts”
0:35:21Explosion at World Economic Forum hotel in Davos Switzerland; Dugway Proving Ground locked down after disappearance of nerve agent, conspiracy sites linking to Stargate gamma ray bursts and GPS NOTAM; Virus X straight-to-DVD film and Hawaii Five-O ARkStorm
0:40:13Egypt #Jan25 riots, Hillary Clinton calls for unblocked social media, Egypt-China oil refinery deal screwing India, predicts rise of Mubarak’s investment banker son; Marc Rich’s Glencore PLC IPO; Tunisia credited with Egyptian unrest; Nigerian pirates attack Greek cargo ship
0:52:1433 in the headlines: H.R.333 Disabled Veterans Tax Termination Act, four sketchy companies with 33% revenue increases, Demand Media link farm and eHow scam; JCD on Rubicon codes
0:58:18National Terror Advisory System to replace perpetual orange; Phil Mocek acquitted of refusing to provide TSA with identification; YouTube history series on family “denunciation” to Gestapo for crime of “not fitting in”; ACC’s new show notes/prep system with e-mail input
1:10:45Donation Segment: proposal for carbon credits from napping
1:26:02ABC’s Sam Champion on Arctic air “seeping down”, refrigerator door analogy, “it may have to do with the melting of the Arctic ice sheet”; NASA Climate Kids disgruntled polar bear cartoon, AP report on warming Arctic Ocean from 1922; Just Take Your Meds jingle; BBC Horizon “Science Under Attack”; CDC telephone survey asking about children in household
1:37:54College students “vodka eyeballing”, JCD: “this is bullcrap!” like shaving with butter; douchebag GE “ecomagination”; ACC “nap for humanity”; “before it’s a crime, it’s precrime!”
1:41:04Local news “disappearance of Deborah Shit… Schmidt” blooper; attempt to corner European cocoa market and Côte d’Ivoire President Alassane Ouattara’s export ban; indigenous Bolivian “coca chewing protest” against international ban, JCD story: using coca leaves in the Andes for altitude sickness, “rocketing past” younger climbers; opium for breakfast in Afghanistan
1:47:36Rahm Emanuel’s magical appearance on Chicago ballot; new TV show Chicago Code
1:49:50And Now Back to Real News: Oprah’s half-sister appears in time for new network promotion; no meat in Taco Bell tacos, JCD: “these agencies are useless!” (JCDPPotD)
1:53:34Petaling Jaya medical research institute releases 6k GMO mosquitoes to study dengue fever, “it does not matter whether the public likes it or not”; bath salts now a felony in Florida; producer feedback on sodium, Ohio switching to veterinary drug for lethal injection; Oakland protests over cops allowed to “arrest gang members involved in any type of illegal activity”
2:03:10British police outside clubs scanning for drug traces; Norwegian account-hacking bloggers, new mega-city in China, ACC’s friend Eli Roth filming in China, Moscow Airport bomb, Danish government raising retirement age to 71; ACC’s credit report with “evil Adam Curry”
2:14:09British Columbia earthquake, FEMA prepackaged meals; I’m a Denier end-of-show song