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272 Brown is the New Green (2011-01-23)

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0:00:00JCD: “I’m thinking that the three thing is a message back to base.” (2:12:47)
0:00:34In the Morning to “dung in the pit”; Gabby Giffords two-week media expiration date reached
0:03:27100 East Coast mobsters arrested, “there’s no mob in Chicago, apparently”, “Vinnie Carwash”
0:06:24Hollywood Whackers: HFPA’s Max Miller “apparent suicide” the day after Golden Globes
0:09:26George Clooney interview by suck-up Piers Morgan promoted by Reuters, “you have to be informed” on causes like Haiti, Morgan “I’m sure you will argue, quite rightly” about paparazzi drones, fake hilarity over “I’m also watching your house”, JCD on “devil’s advocate” cop-out, Clooney’s “journalist” father: “there is little or no privacy left any more, that battle has already been lost”; Bono & Bill Clinton at Sargent Shriver funeral
0:24:28Producer Segment: leaving show playing on Apple Store iPad
0:34:31Ask Adam jingles, Bayer aspirin “I’m not having a heart attack!” ad
0:38:20Ask John Dvorak jingle, “tightly-prescribed national identity” fascism definition and corporatism; Paul Volcker to leave Economic Recovery Advisory Board to be renamed Council on Jobs and Competitiveness and headed by GE’s Jeffrey Immelt; Sen. Bernie Sanders on $16bn in GE bailouts, quotes Immelt “I talk China, China, China, China, China”, ACC “Chiner”, JCD on Keith Olbermann walkout, Eric Schmidt’s departure, “I think he’s gonna be the head of the CIA eventually”; former Goldman Sachs CIO Eileen Rominger to oversee hedge funds at SEC; Immelt: government will be “industry policy champion, a financier, and a key partner”
0:52:06Phillips’ Colon Health “ooh, now that’s the best part!”
0:53:02ACC catches vapor trail from Vandenberg Delta IV Heavy launch with “critical NRO payload”
0:56:46Obama at Schenectady GE plant boasting about trip to India with Immelt and Deepak Chopra
0:59:04JCD oversleeping until 7:50; India trading carbon credits based on burning methane generated from cow dung, ACC: “this is such an incredible scam”, EU stolen carbon credit scheme, carbon offset dead tree scams, ACC “we keep our mouth shut” for 10 minutes for carbon credits
1:13:52Donation Segment
1:30:05“Second sun in the sky” from “upcoming” Betelgeuse supernova, possible Beetlejuice 2 promotion; unusual seismic activity from Red Sea to Gulf of Aden Stargate; ACC on Hollywood & Highland sign-carrier predicting May 21 apocalypse; NOTAMs for February GPS unreliability in Southwestern US due to Department of Defense tests
1:37:49Taxis on Patrol “mobile neighborhood watch on wheels” in Denver, “rigorous” training program with police; Bay Area school “smile day” as part of “respect week”
1:42:35EU SARTRE Safe Road Trains for the Environment semi-autonomous vehicle trains “to be able to both read the newspaper and eat breakfast”, JCD: “you know it’s gonna get hacked!”
1:45:53Monsanto shill Tom Vilsack’s USDA approves GMO alfalfa, ACC on alfalfa’s medicinal benefits, JCD proposes class action lawsuit by organic farmers over gene contamination
1:50:03PBS’ Gwen Ifill on Republican vote to “repeal healthcare”; Michelle Obama partnering with Walmart to reduce “sodium” in food, JCD: “you’d explode!”
1:57:22Jerry Springer “I’m not no lesbian!”; NPR On the Media on Tunisia “Twitter revolution”, government corruption on WikiLeaks, “remarkable portion” on Facebook, economic hit man “leaking model”, “jasmine revolution”, 1.5 tons of gold missing, JCD predicts “teal revolution”
2:11:02JCD on 33 as spook signal, Queensland flood victim count, “don’t worry, it’s us
2:15:29Georgetown AQ-USA professor frets about as-Sahab “media arm”: “we know for a fact that al-Qaeda has downloaded the websites of every major think tank in the United States”