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271 By Executive Order (2011-01-20)

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0:00:00ACC: “Congress, you can go home, it does not matter any more what you do.” (0:49:59)
0:00:36Fake free iPad scams; Ride of the Valkyries, Ms. Micky downloading screeners through iTunes
0:06:53Golden Globes: Hollywood Foreign Press Association payola lawsuit, Pia Zadora’s “new star of the year” award, Las Vegas press junket for Burlesque best song; embarrassment over The Social Network win, Russian mob valuation bump for IPO; Ricky Gervais’ inside jokes
0:13:52Producer Segment: JCD’s professional slide whistle, Spike Jones’ musical .38 pistol
0:20:17Time “Guns, Speech, Madness” article, “hateful speech doesn’t kill people, guns do”; John King offended by “in the crosshairs”; Rachel Maddow outraged by Republican “job-killing” and “lock, stock, and barrel” from “Congressman Mike Pence of Wants-to-be-president-ville”
0:29:00Obama in 2009 on “prolonged detention” “consistent with our values and our Constitution”
0:32:18Ask Adam: military family foreclosure pending even after J.P. Morgan Chase admits error
0:35:12JCD on viral “a bear walks by” video; Robert Gibbs’ cold sore, quietly asked about Executive Order 13563 Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review, WSJ op-ed on regulations “that are just plain dumb”, “if it goes in your coffee, it is not hazardous waste” on saccharin, “timely online access”; oversight by OMB Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs headed by Cass Sunstein, wife Samantha Power who called Hillary a “monster”
0:45:55Broken, saccharin removed from hazardous substances list; Sunstein’s 2007 “Brave new Wikiworld” op-ed, all-in on infiltrating dissident groups (ACCPPotD)
0:54:18CIA In-Q-Tel investing in Facebook IPO; “a color and a flash mob” in Tunisia
0:58:22Biodiversit√©e: USGS ARkStorm promoting Noah’s Ark: the New Beginning animated film; JCD on Mothman saturating media outlets; Lakers’ Rick Fox playing Big Bang Theory “global warming professor”; Connie Hedegaard at “Cancun and Beyond” forum with Philips Lighting Foundation “evil elitist Dutch” shills: “tax more what we burn and less what we earn” meme
1:11:18And Now Back to Real News: Obama “secretly battling stomach parasites” according to National Enquirer; JCD on Japanese creosote pills; NPR op-ed by Daisy Hernandez on “collective sigh of brown relief when the Tucson killer turned out to be a gringo”
1:16:54Donation Segment: JCD term “pablum”
1:33:02White House State Dinner for Hu Jintao; WikiLeaks to disclose elite Swiss bank account information; Aaron Sorkin’s “elite is not a bad word, it’s an aspirational one” Golden Globes speech; Dutch Rabobank economist Wim Boonstra all-in on SDR over US dollar
1:40:55And Now Back to Real News: rapper 50 Cent H & H Imports pump and dump scheme; JCD proposes stage name in light of Diane Sawyer “and a good morning to you, Juju”, Reince Priebus “RNC PR BS”; Piers Morgan fascinated by Condoleezza Rice’s virus resistance
1:49:38Distraction of the Week: Jean-Claude Duvalier returns to Haiti; Clinton & Bush begging for more money; Michael Capponi beachfront resorts for Jacmel; Clinton Bush Haiti Fund elites
1:58:01Frontline on police watching for “suspicious activity around public facilities: picture taking, map drawing, evasive driving”, arrest for photographing Amtrak train for Amtrak contest
2:01:04Shadow Puppet Theater: John Podesta joins green energy company Joule Unlimited
2:03:59Magic number 33 headlines; Delta IV Heavy launch at Vandenberg AFB with secret NRO payload to “monitor the environment”; NASA solar flare warning; Pakistan earthquake
2:10:44Democrats ranting about evil health insurance companies; Obamacare shill Stephanie Cutter whiteboard video, voiceover due to botch, JCD on recent prescription drug price gouging
2:21:25Lindsay Lohan’s doctor pushing fluoride supplements; “I thought Europe was a country”