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26 Feeling Fat? (2008-04-12)

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0:00:24Hot weather in California, JCD’s 1975 Corvette; ACC’s coach seat on American, shoulder-surfing Skype PR plan, JCD on emergency exit seat for optimal spying; JCD on summer factory jobs, Grit Magazine, ideal job: inspector, “quitting school” scam, revenge on boss
0:19:35FAA “called on the carpet by Congress” before going hard-ass on airlines; ACC on aviation TTLs, maintenance sign-offs
0:27:01ACC requests CBP team leader at SFO, 1M people wrongly on list, DHS TRIP Traveler Redress Inquiry Program instructions; ACC hugs tall TSA MILF at JFK, Shaq hug
0:36:16Listener explains tolerances and environment in accuracy of computer clock crystals, ACC on resistor tolerance “gold band”; JCD’s Kodak V603 camera with lucky calibrated mic, Union Oil .5 vs .50 grams of lead per liter; Patricia’s garage door opener fire and Corvette door; JCD tries to convince ACC his plane is not up to spec
0:53:24ACC craps out in the middle of dinner at La Folie, “unnecessary crap” with caviar, goat cheese and frog’s legs, MIA 2003 Ch√Ęteau Haut-Marbuzet; JCD on history of Michelin Guide, too many stars in California, corruption vs competence, JCD: two stars for French Laundry, JCD gripes about mediocre starred restaurants, Domaine Drouhin Oregon Laurene Pinot Noir
1:17:38Miss USA 2008: Pennsylvania’s question from Heather Mills on marketing cosmetics to kids, winner Texas question from Shawne Merriman, JCD: “I think that the whole thing was rigged”, judge rundown, JCD on the importance of appearing last; website “feeling fat?” weight loss banner ad; ACC Circus of the Stars “rocket car of death”, Swamp Thing; Shatner on Leno