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267 What’s My Line? (2011-01-06)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hey, uh, Gibbs, the No Agenda guys are really onto your, like, lying about the smoking thing, and we think you should leave.” (1:40:09)
0:00:42New stream setup; JCD doing show from Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas with sketchy connection
0:05:08Producer Segment
0:13:46ACC on creating, quest for OB brand flying off shelves due to “production issue”, crazy eBay prices, possible TSS cover-up, “time for the Chinese counterfeiters to move in!”
0:20:40Distraction of the Week: homeless “Golden Voice” Ted Williams, CBS Early Show takes credit
0:24:36Former presidential and military advisor John P. Wheeler III found dead in Delaware landfill, seen “drugged, dazed, and confused” in one shoe after being robbed, JCD: “Chantix”; Sorcha Faal disinformation site makes connection with to Arkansas dead birds; nonprofit MITRE Corporation work on DoD computers; ACC 9/11 connection theory, FBI advising local police, witness: Wheeler “didn’t axe me to call the police”, Happy Harry’s Pharmacy sighting
0:43:12ACC on self-fixing iOS alarm clock bug covered in depth nowhere; JCD on covering Las Vegas CES crawling with press “non-union goofballs”, glasses with electronically-controlled lenses
0:48:50Show notes “Doug” heading for Arkansas dead birds, Time on “Aflockalypse” biodiversit√©e bandwagon, author Bryan Walsh a “warmer world” shill, JCD on 1970s global cooling scare and population control; Met Office’s warning about extreme cold suppressed
0:56:10South Sudan referendum on 11th, George Clooney’s off-script stammering on ABC to chagrin of handler John Prendergast, new village bombing story, “there’s a lot of consequences that we can offer”, supposed Obama campaign promise, Prendergast: US “biggest actor in Sudan”
1:07:23Donation Segment: Bill Clinton PETA Person of the Year for vegan diet
1:17:48“Zombie” Dick Cheney’s lack of pulse due to mechanical heart pump, possible heart transplant
1:19:34Attempts to wipe out redwing blackbird populations to reduce sunflower impact, possible illegal poison campaign; ACC on New Madrid Fault triangle and HAARP; seven-minute ABC package on New Madrid tremor, four faults in US “could have another catastrophic strike at any time”; FEMA New Madrid disaster response plan, National Level Exercise NLE 2011 drill scheduled for May in Midwest; declassified Army document “incapacitating effect of microwave hearing”, tinnitus PSA; belated Knightings with rent boys and chardonnay
1:34:44Missile launch off Texas coast; JCD on NYT editor asserting mystery LA launch was contrail
1:36:31President Valerie Jarrett to Meet the Press on Obama’s “enormous progress”, START Treaty “passed”, “now we will be able to have gays and lesbians serve their country proudly in the military” lie, Obama “had to spend almost every waking hour in Washington focusing very hard on solving that crisis”, planning to find way to “spend more time outside of Washington” when he gets back to Washington; Obama to NYT on Robert Gibbs’ “relatively modest pay”
1:44:38Austan Goolsbee ambushed by ABC host on projected 9% unemployment, potential debt ceiling crisis, “we shouldn’t even be discussing that, people will get the wrong idea”
1:52:46Canadian corporate top tax rate roughly half that of US; Australia being pressured to extend GST to online sales; Australian flood area covering size of Germany and France
1:59:24Compromised BMJ journal article further debunking Wakefield vaccine-autism paper, “falsified data”, “it’s hard to believe, Wolf”, resulting “pockets of children who were not vaccinated”; cholera vaccine push, Harry Potter animal trainer dead of swine flu, cocaine “vaccine”
2:13:33Piers Morgan taking over for Larry King; Bill O’Reilly’s “as you know, federal law trumps state law”; John Birch Society founder Robert Welch for end of show