Call Clooney!

266 Dead Angry Birds (2011-01-02)

Show 266 album art
0:00:00JCD: “The women in Canada … have extremely pretty butts.” (2:00:24)
0:00:39Happy New Year, ACC’s iPhone alarm failure and lingering interest in Big Bear real estate
0:06:49KTLA on terrible California storms taking out a palm tree and fence panel; JCD impressed by San Francisco fireworks display with two grand finales due to Gavin Newsom leaving, ACC on 1987-88 Times Square vs current “corporate-sponsored piece of crap” with blue Nivea hats
0:13:35Producer Segment: no EPs or AEPs; No Agenda movie trailer; Coast to Coast AM plug
0:19:06ACC on Alex Jones’ good guests constantly interrupted by seeds and gold hype
0:21:25“Bath salts” mephedrone taking over Dutch MDMA scene; JCD on unemployed kids at San Francisco fireworks, predicts LA riots; Chantix for treating PGAD Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, “Jeanie’s desperate to get home to masturbate”, waivers for off-label use; a whopping 39 UK swine flu deaths, JCD compares vaccine development to “the wine game”
0:36:58The March of Time propaganda newsreels: American Moe Boxman offers to apply
French speeding fine against unpaid war debt, ACC: “how much does Gitmo Nation Stinky Cheese owe us?”; David Sarnoff predicts ubiquitous telecommunications in 1949; Harvard anthropologist Earnest Hooton: “mechanized and moronic man moves toward extinction”
0:45:37Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman hinting at presidential run, sketchy article on Mormon White Horse Prophesy for salvation of Glenn Beck’s “hanging by a thread” Constitution, JCD on beliefs of “clannish” Mormons, genealogy websites, ACC on his father’s baptism goal, Mormons vs Baptists vs Methodists, ACC: “in what religion do you get to fiddle around with choir boys?”, appeal of Amish life; JCD on meeting Universal Life Church’s Kirby Hensley, origin of No Agenda Knighthoods; architectural wonder Crystal Cathedral in financial trouble
1:02:04Donation Segment: ACC’s Google AdSense nightmare; Dave Winer interested in stream
1:13:01Thousands of dead redwing blackbirds fall from sky in Beebe Arkansas, poison suspected because “they are what they call a nuisance around this time every year”, hazmat-suited feds poking around, “a Doug was also found”, “startled by fireworks” theory, ACC on “persistent jet contrails” appearing in the morning, “think about it, bird flu!”, JCD: “abort, abort with the bird flu, try something else! oh, okay, they died of a heart attack, they were startled!
1:26:59Haitian cholera death toll 3,333, ACC: 33 “total code”, royal wedding “distraction of the year”, JCD on MSNBC The Site switching to 24/7 coverage of Princess Diana’s death; ACC recommends Starsuckers documentary received via Bittorrent
1:37:02Six of top ten Techmeme headlines from blog PRs; 3,333 number from Haitian Health Ministry headed by Dr. Gabriel Timothée, H5N1 chatter
1:46:48JCD on Aric the Shill’s son cured of FD&C Red #40 ADHD, ACC on his mother’s reaction to Dutch undyed meat in 1972, Mimi’s Ritalin manufacturer theory and regulatory revolving door, Red #40 from coal tar; JCD on estrogen-like soy oil “soil”, soy industry talking points, Canadian women’s canola oil butts: “they’re bigger and they’re sloppier and they bounce around and they’ve got the cottage cheese thing goin’ on” (JCDPPotD)
2:03:07And Now Back to Real News: Discovery Michael Jackson autopsy show cancelled; Bobby Farrell found dead in Russia on anniversary of Rasputin’s death; Anna Chapman’s appearance on Russian This is Your Life and Salt DVD release; ACC on 9/11 hijackers showing up alive
2:10:501960 The Time Machine bad acting; Jesse Ventura’s 9/11 Commission ambush, JCD story: box of hate mail for scathing article on Seattle, ACC on fake lawsuit over Heinz curry ketchup
2:17:51Kudos to No Agenda album artists including Nick the Rat; new stream plans