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265 Moon Base on Mars (2010-12-30)

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0:00:00JCD: “Eat prunes, that’s my advice.” (1:19:57)
0:00:36JCD on bogus Christmas “scratch my back” gift certificates, ACC’s USB turntable from CVC to be used on upcoming Daily Source Code
0:04:50Producer Segment: Scott McKenzie’s One Day in Gitmo Nation eBook
0:09:42ACC’s trip to Big Bear with thoughts of buying rustic plot of land; UK £400 rebate for new eco-friendly boilers that freeze during extreme cold weather, 2004 “never see snow” meme
0:17:02And now Back to Real News: Chris Rock roasts Oprah Winfrey at Kennedy Honors: “most powerful person in the world, and right next to her, Barack Obama!”; JCD’s “helium Skype”
0:21:26Kids using new drug “bath salts” and smoking potpourri, Kansas University student struck after running into traffic, tachycardia cases in Louisiana, MDPV methylenedioxypyrovalerone
0:28:02ACC recommends Dutch A Letter From Poland YouTube video on Smolensk plane crash
0:31:45Haitian election dispute to be reviewed by OAS, CBC on “widespread allegations of fraud”, “I saw ballot-stuffing … I saw ballots torn from the ballot boxes”; Haiti earthquake recap
0:39:32George Clooney Not On Our Watch partnership with Google to spy on Sudan via satellite, JCD’s Google “oil near <country>”, “comprehensive peace agreement” referendum on 1/11/11 cooked up in The Hague; Not On Our Watch celebrity roster, War Crimes and Atrocities director David Pressman; ACC on DJs for Darfour; Chinese expansionism; Network for Good money handlers; al-Qaeda in {Darfour, Sudan}; JCD on accelerating charity event cycle, ACC on credit card purchase percentages, “Saint” Bob Geldof and 1985 Live Aid, We Are the World three-year license, Phil Collins’ Concorde; Clooney’s “emergency and life-saving programs”
1:01:11Donation Segment: ACC’s MailSteward database
1:11:08Robert Gibbs: “probably about nine months” since Obama quit smoking, “he has done enormously well in quitting”; new Chantix ad with Boston-accented MILF, New Year resolution marketing, ACC on constipation from quitting cold turkey, “I pride myself on my pooping”; Sustenex ad “several discomforts with my digestive system”, JCD: “basically a prune ad”
1:24:59Cryptome’s John Young on WikiLeaks for end of show; NPR clarifies 1900 of promised 250k cables actually released; HaikuLeaks
1:27:32JCD on post-millennial helicopter parents, Ford ad for car radio parental controls; 10k baby boomers per day entering Social Security rolls; MSNBC guest on No Child Left Behind disaster
1:36:45The Examiner “Giant Spaceships to Attack” thoroughly debunked, 2011 releases of Skyline, Battle: Los Angeles, Super 8, Falling Skies, and V coming soon; Mars Rover Sol 2169 photo with “base sitting right there” removed from NASA website
1:40:06Comical French babbling on Democracy Now; Sarkozy risking life by being all-in on SDR
1:42:32Robert Reich gripes about corporate personhood; Germany debating airport profiling, “concrete terrorist threat”, “recruiting” meme; Boko Haram Christmas church bombings in Nigeria
1:51:55And Now Back to Real News: Spider-Man lead actress leaves due to concussion, flamboyantly gay theater critic: “it’s almost like going to an equestrian show and wanting to see who’s going to fall off the horse”; Discovery Channel “Michael Jackson Autopsy”, ACC on Wii dance game; Wikispooks Ronni Chasen art museum heist theory, spying on client Hans Zimmer
1:59:30Belgian Catholic priest still up for Nobel Peace Prize in spite of sexual abuse admission
2:00:52Afghan War costing $2bn per week; S.510 and Codex Alimentarius harmonization, JCD on putting right-wing radio guys off the air; toxic aspartame-like sweetener neotame approved for use in cattle feed; ACC’s organic “half a cow” purchase plan; John Young end-of-show clip