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264 Chatter on the Interwebs (2010-12-26)

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0:00:00ACC: “You’d look at his agenda and it would say like, buy Porsche, today” (0:41:52)
0:00:35ACC recommends Scrooged with terrifying cable news special; no Dianne Feinstein terror event; TSA looking into terrorist Thermos bottles “in your carry-on or your checked bag”; George Stephanopoulos reminisces about Thanksgiving “full body scans and patdowns at airports”, LAX TSA carolers, JCD: “reminds me of the Brownshirt chorus of 1938”
0:11:41Producer Segment
0:18:55Health South fraud scandal with revolving-door CFO, paying more in taxes than earnings generated, JCD on SEC’s interest in not investigating; ACC story: armed-to-the-teeth IRS tracking him down at Mevio; legal Congressional stock ownership; Washington Post: 80% of DHS contractor lobbyists worked in government, L3’s $900M in government sales
0:28:41Obama reads ’Twas the Night Before Christmas to Washington grade school “slavelets”: “Saint Nick a.k.a. Santa Claus”; Haiku Herman “stilte en vreugde / van Kerstmis tot het nieuwe jaar / hopende ook op hoop” “hoping for hope”; Obama teleprompter message for military
0:33:34Snow stranding Christmas Eve travelers at European airports; ACC on Dutch friends waiting on Schiphol tarmac for three hours and waiting a week for luggage; JCD story: fellow passenger on Aeroflot flight to Russia visiting lost luggage warehouse; aging German rail system hit hard
0:39:29Two to the Head: hooker “aspiring model” Adrienne Nicole Martin found dead at house of former Busch CEO August Busch IV; ACC story: “born on” date widget, August “Woody”; Case Western Alzheimer’s researcher Professor Mark Smith killed in hit-and-run incident, Alzheimer’s “sixth-largest cause of death”, driver found dead of drug overdose
0:49:17Vancouver Sun opinion piece on severed “foots” from 2004 Asian tsunami
0:51:17JCD finally watches “a little far-fetched” Iron Man, recommends The International
0:52:34ACC berated for getting don’t ask don’t tell “repeal” bill number wrong; Robert Gates memo declines to estimate duration of certification process; START Treaty allowing Russia to build more nuclear warheads; “sleeper agent” Anna Chapman’s Playboy appearance and involvement with “Kremlin-backed youth group”, Russian women whoo!; crazy Oprah Winfrey “my favorite things” giveaway, National Enquirer sticking with “Oprah is gay” story
1:02:01Howard Dean’s infamous scream clip, comically long tie
1:03:48EU court upholds Maastricht ban on foreigners buying marijuana in cafes, “weed pass”, JCD: “they’re not doing it as a republic, they’re doing it as a giant Nazi state”; British ad for Buddi GPS tracker for the elderly, “chipping granny”; NORAD tracking Santa vs 9/11
1:09:01Donation Segment:
1:18:49New Zealand Defense Force releases 2,000 pages of UFO documents, fake WikiLeaks cable on New Zealand UFO base, Project Blue Beam; JCD proposes high-end WikiLeaks hoax; George Washington University Electronic Briefing Books declassified document collection
1:24:07Stammering Robert Gibbs lies about Obama “working very hard” to quit smoking: “I have not seen or witnessed evidence of, uh, um, any smoking in probably, uh… nine months”
1:30:48CBS on homegrown terrorism, Portland Christmas tree lighting bombing plot “foiled” by FBI, “eleven acts this year alone”, al-Qaeda’s “vast network of web sites”, “self-radicalizing”, “lone wolves who can easily blend in”, “tips from the public monitoring internet chatter”
1:50:16Antiwar activists raided in Minneapolis, JCD on Obama police state
1:53:51Vanuatu earthquake after theft of seismic equipment; fracking-induced earthquakes in Arkansas
2:01:0824 deaths from swine flu in UK; producer note on avoiding flu vaccine miscarriage