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263 Don’t Ask, Don’t Yell (2010-12-23)

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0:00:00ACC: “Children of the future will have no snow!” (1:48:35)
0:00:37ACC: don’t ask don’t tell repeal “the biggest lie in the world”, drunk O’Biden “by repealing don’t ask don’t tell”, Obama “proud to sign a law that will bring an end to don’t ask don’t tell”, “excited” on verified Twitter account; S.4023 Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal Act “to provide for repeal” 60 days after certification, Section 2(c) “No Immediate Effect On Current Policy”
0:10:17Rachel Maddow “a day that began with him officially signing the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell”; ABC: ban “a thing of the past”, “a hero’s welcome for the President today as he fulfilled a major campaign promise”, JCD on stammering as a tell, veteran gay activist Zoe Dunning hoodwinked; Obama: “we have a gay guy in the unit; he’s big, he’s mean, he kills lots of bad guys”; portentous “and now it is my honor to sign this bill into law!” to hysterical cheers
0:18:56Producer Segment
0:29:49Katie Couric on homegrown terrorism, DHS talking points, al-Awlaki vs bin Laden; Oklahoma City bombing journalist Pierre Thomas “blunt warning” headline, Eric Holder “successful once” meme, “not certain” = “certain”, JCD rewrites “alarming rise in the number of Americans who are more than willing to attack and kill their fellow citizens”, Holder turning Americans against each other, al-Awlaki “masterminded” crotch bomber
0:45:43Lucy Napolitano to ABC: “there is a lot of chatter … that references the holidays”, John Brennan conveniently forgets crotch bomber was on board plane; al-Qaeda monkey bars B-roll; Diane Sawyer:“for every Abdulmutallab caught, are other homegrown terrorists being formed?”; James Clapper clueless about arrest of 12 suspects in London; Nazi-like “homeland”
1:00:31Letterman Christmas “junk mail” joke on postal worker delivering mail naked
1:01:19Donation Segment
1:22:02Riots and disappearances after Aleksandr Lukashenko wins dubious 80% victory in Belarus; START Treaty loopholes for storing ballistic missiles, “space launch facilities”
1:29:08Incomprehensible mush-mouthed Rep. Bobby Rush on do-not-track legislation
1:33:07ACC connects paper money RFID circuitry and FCC net neutrality to Vivek Kundra IPv6 push, “cashless society with cash”, JCD on carrying worthless non-ER pounds into UK
1:41:00Gardasil approved against anal cancer; shingles vaccine propaganda, JCD on hepatitis vaccine for clinicians handling blood products; veterans chaining themselves to White House fence
1:47:00Biodiversitée: 2000 UK Independent article quotes University of East Anglia CRU scientist David Viner: “children just aren’t going to know what snow is”; jet stream diversion havoc
1:49:39No mention of Heath Ledger’s death in interview with wife on ABC Nightline
1:51:02No Labels conference with left-wing Nancy Jacobson and Burson-Marsteller CEO Mark Penn, “cool” leather-wearing Mark McKinnon on Meet the Press, James Tisch connected to CFR & CBS, 501(c)(4) “scam” lobbying organization, Rothschild money
2:03:06Cryptome’s John Young predicts WikiLeaks Clinton Foundation documents; drag queen Julian Assange; hexavalent chromium found in 31 US cities’ water, JCD on pharmaceuticals in water
2:09:45Gitmo jeweler BI Inc. acquired by jailer Geo Group for $415M; Bank of America pays finder’s fee of $200 for returning stolen $40k; Netherlands to criminalize inciting bank run
2:14:42Bullcrap claim that New York can detect medical isotopes on passing cruise ships; Huckabee propagating TSA “tough job” meme; Oprah’s extravagant “favorite things” giveaways
2:22:19“Internet shock jock” Hal Turner gets 33 months in prison for threatening federal judges
2:24:21Draft EU internet censorship bill, JCD on turning to Google to do the censorship dirty work