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262 Mothra Will Save Us! (2010-12-19)

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0:00:00JCD: (falsetto)I’m a fancy fancy Englishman!” (1:18:24)
0:00:38In the morning to the “hams on the air”; Meet the Press unity movement, Seattle outlawing stickers on public property, JCD: “not left, not right, forward ha-ha-ha!”
0:05:21Producer Segment
0:09:44CIA station chief outed in Pakistan, 50 “suspected insurgents” droned; drone crash in Texas backyard, JCD: put stickers on it; Michelle Obama to 60 Minutes in 2007: “he couldn’t be a smoking president”, Nicorette plug, “please, America, watch, keep an eye on him”
0:16:07West Wing Week epilogue “I would’ve been sleepin’ on the couch!”, Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett running the show at CEO meeting, mean “Michelle Obama look”, born in Shiraz Iran; Jarrett blathers at financial press for six minutes; JCD on husband-battering women, Jarrett’s ex-husband dead of heart attack, Michelle’s former boss in Daley’s office, Habitat CEO, ACC: “she’s a slum lord”, Hillary’s rise to “most powerful woman in the universe”
0:25:34Australia trying to censor internet porn, French blacklist for ISPs, UK opt-in with “Ministry of Porn”; UN in early stages of taking over ICANN, ACTA Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement final draft, JCD on publishers taking control of copyright, ACC on expensive CC lawsuits
0:34:55UN declares 2010 International Year of Biodiversit√©e with “goodwill ambassador” Edward Norton, “business as usual” and “tipping point” memes, clearinghouse skimming 5%, 2009 “super unique” campaign for Maasai Wilderness Conservation
0:42:33The Mail Online on Prince Charles’ new book Harmony, ACC: “I fear for Prince Charles’ life!”, “crackpot” notions from Diana, opposition to land mines; bogus CrowdRise peerage; Obama not invited to royal wedding, Obama’s empty Oval Office desk, “lotta pens” gag
0:53:10Silvio Berlusconi 17-year-old dancer scandal “damaging the reputation of Italy”
0:55:22National Organization for Women sues to declare Hooters unsuitable for minors
0:57:47Child’s severed foot found on Washington beach, JCD medical cadaver prank theory
1:00:35Trains Good Planes Bad: ABC on “full-body screenings”, al-Qaeda “determined and sophisticated”, TSA missing .40 Glock pistol in 2009, dismal “Red Team” results classified, bid for more and higher-paid TSA; USPS’ $8bn loss in 2009, Google data-gathering vehicle scheme
1:10:48Donation Segment
1:20:05Amtrak First Amendment policy; JCD: Fox trying to get rid of Bill O’Reilly; DHS Patriot app, DriveMeCrazy DMV tattling app; producer note on Dutch city’s burgernet
1:27:56Mexican military “outgunned” by drug traffickers destroying 90k confiscated weapons
1:30:51Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Randy Quaid theatrics; Winona Ryder 15-year-old story to GQ on Mel Gibson’s “oven-dodgers” Jewish slur; Gibson replaced by Bill Clinton on Hangover 2
1:38:49US-Russia START treaty ignored in favor of Miley Cyrus bong videos; Federal Reserve admits giving money to foreign banks, Chris Whalen to CNBC: Fed “there to support the speculators and they let the real economy go to Hell”; Ron Paul to head Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy; Whalen on Fed money for GE and Verizon
1:48:47No WikiLeaks documents on 9/11 or Oklahoma City bombing, Bank of America’s foolish announcement of PayPal-like boycott, Assange sitting on 5 GB of BoA documents; NewsHour on BoA and Wells Fargo making homeowners pay for foreclosure sale ads
1:59:56Godzilla vs Mothra clip for end of show; KTLA on Mexicali earthquake and “Inland Empire”
2:03:05Fresh Start Private alcohol treatment naltrexone shot “approved for use by a regulatory body”
2:07:14Riots impacting the “Greece police”