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261 AQ-USA (2010-12-16)

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0:00:00ACC: “Ahahah! Let me stroke my white pussy for a moment! Ahahaha!” (0:22:25)
0:00:44First “if you see something say something” victim with garden spray nozzle killed by police; NPR on Lucy Napolitano’s subway message; Andrew Napolitano to Glenn Beck: “they will make it a crime if we see something and don’t say something”; NPR on “ask a Walmart manager for assistance”, permanent orange alert, travelers “cried foul” over patdowns, overproduced man on the street mashup, JCD: “deplorable ethical breach”; Lucy’s Jodie Foster “through the teeth” lesbian milieu speech pattern, laughing “I know I’ve heard your voice”, East Germany reference, “is there anything a little bit strange or Big Brother-ish in seeing your own image … everywhere heh! issuing these warnings?”, evil laugh imitation contest
0:24:49Producer Segment: Scott McKenzie’s
0:34:34Wonder Showzen “slaves built the Pyramids” song; JCD on Jim Henson’s obscure Dinosaurs
0:36:29Two to the Head: Mark Madoff theory vetted by entertainment lawyer, Jewish cremation, wife’s name change from Madoff to Morgan, father-in-law’s complicity, Bernie’s work with Russian mob and Israeli intelligence; Rapiscan lawyer on $129M lawsuit against L3
0:44:23DNS & BGP stream issues, PayPal denying network segments; Bob Schieffer College of Communication forum on Washington Post denied leaks over Assange snub, New York Times redaction, State Department shill frets over “collapse of modern journalism”, “discipline of editorial restric… uh, observation that has given us a sense of what is and is not news”
1:00:32NYT’s Scott Shane on WikiLeaks’ redactions and controlled release to media outlets, withholding of newsworthy documents, ACC: “the guy is a Russian spy!”, on paying Assange “to my knowledge, the answer’s no”; ACC on redaction as blackmail
1:10:29Maurice Lacroix Swiss watch ads with “ambassador” Jimmy Wales and Bob Geldof
1:14:28Donation Segment
1:26:43And Now Back to Real News: Extra weekly wrap with Oprah crying in Syndey; John Boehner’s waterworks; Byron Allen’s “worst show in the history of television” Gossip Queens based on The View, ACC invited onto pilot as guest, “ohmuhgosh” Snooki alcohol poisoning, “she’s about 110 pounds so she had to have a lot to drink!”, ad for Aladdin Bail Bonds
1:37:50Cialis “ask if you’re healthy enough for sexual activity” ad; “no medical need to have a monthly period” Seasonique birth control, “blood clots, stroke, and heart attack” with grinning models
1:46:25Richard Holbrooke dead at 69, Democracy Now on East Timor and other Holbrooke atrocities; aorta rupture during meeting with Hillary Clinton, power vacuum in Pakistan, China’s ambassador expected to sign a flurry of agreements; Holbrooke grilled about East Timor in 1997 Q&A, JCD on Jimmy Carter’s humanitarian activities as indicator of guilty conscience; Benazir Bhutto laser theory; JCD on Katie Couric pro-war propaganda from legless veterans
2:01:47AP on 1.6% of money spent on Haiti going to Haitian companies and the rest squandered, threatened “aid freeze” due to Haitian government inaction, JCD on global disaster relief cycle
2:06:13Trains Good Planes Bad: Keith Olbermann blames Scott Walker & John Kasich for losing jobs and high-speed rail money; Al Jazeera “On a Wing and a Prayer” on Boeing 737 whistleblowers; Fox travel expert on Bing travel predictor, “I’m driving … most everybody does”
2:13:35CNN on al-Qaeda threat, “attacks possibly against the US or Europe”, “nothing specific in terms of a location or a specific plan”, Don Lemon vigilance question; Georgetown professor on al-Qaeda brand “AQ-USA”; UK intelligence chief Pauline Neville-Jones all-in on pre-crime
2:26:52Outro: end-of-show clip of Nigel Farage berating José Manuel Barroso