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260 Madoff has left the building (2010-12-12)

Show 260 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Put down the banana and the nutmeg, kid, you’re under arrest, we have the place surrounded! kssht” (0:29:24)
0:00:40In the morning to the “wings in the skies”
0:01:51New announcement about danger of secondhand smoke, stammering Robert Gibbs on Obama’s smoking “for enjoyment and for some relaxation”; ACC and Ms. Micky on tobacco-free day seven, JCD: “no difference” between “wake and bake” era and now, ACC: “I am stronger than our pussy-ass President!”, Michelle’s smoking mystery, JCD on “five years sober!” zealots
0:12:18Obama brings Bill Clinton to press conference, “I thought it’s a slow news day so I brought the other guy in”, Clinton on vegan diet looking like walking dead, Obama in a yank to leave for Christmas party, Bill: “I had quite a good time governing”, “I am happy to be here, I suppose, when the bullets that are fired are unlikely to hit me, unless they’re just ricocheting”
0:18:12Producer Segment: Ladybug children’s game ad, UK green Santa
0:25:35Fox News on teenagers abusing nutmeg for “marijuana-like buzz”, JCD: “and the worst breath ever!”, fractal of 1960s Mellow Yellow banana peels
0:29:42Bill Clinton “Haiti update”: PM not involved in “political imbroglio”, call for “outside observers”, “everyone understands they had to carry out this election under enormously difficult circumstances”, ID cards for “tented areas”, $70bn from World Bank; WHO swooping in with cholera vaccine, JCD: “worst shot you can get”, $40 per dose, new Indian vaccine for “global stockpile”; Sarah Palin in Haiti; ULF radio signals detected by French satellite DEMETER before earthquake, JCD: “aren’t we supposed to do this in the second half of the show?”
0:43:40BBC: Obama ’s Nobel Peace Prize “an embarrassment”; German soldiers stationed in France
0:48:36London riots over tripling of university tuitions, JCD on bankruptcy-proof US student loans; attack on Prince Charles’ car, “democracy is not supposed to work like this”, JCD: “you’re supposed to do as you’re told!”, potential ¬£9k per year in tuition, police tactic of “kettling” protestors, Prince Charles’ car window rolled down; erudite 15-year-old on “headlines like vandals on The Evening Standard that afternoon” from untruthful media; small protest over outrageous University of California tuition hikes, ACC on Chinese student pilot radio traffic
1:09:40ACC on Kendra, Married to Rock, and Bridalplasty: “it shows you everything that is wrong with the United States of America”; Sarah Palin’s Alaska caribou butchering episode; HBO Lombardi documentary on winning, “now everyone hug and share a secret!”
1:15:09UK magazine Counter Terror Business magazine “police state porn”
1:17:36Donation Segment: ACC “handover over Andover over Dover, over”; JCD proposes baronies
1:32:17Biodiversit√©e: Cancun COP16 agreement “unreadable”, REDD Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation, $100bn/year Green Climate Fund overseen by World Bank; producer note on toy World Bank credit card
1:38:14Mark Madoff two-to-the-head hanging with dog leash, medical examiner’s van, destination Paraguay; Veronica Cohen aka Ronni Chasen killed by Russian mob over music deal, JCD on mob’s fondness for puns; Randy Quaid’s fear of Russian mafia, Dog the Bounty Hunter tweeting about getting in on Quaid game; sketchy
1:51:47WikiLeaks CIA honeypot theories going around
1:55:47Stockholm suicide bombing over artist Lars Vilks; IMF shoving loans down Portugal’s throat
1:57:48Hamburger Helper partnership with Feeding America; H1N1 kills ten in UK
2:02:17Next talking points memo addressing high-speed rail, “modernize our transportation system”