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25 Grapes the Size of Little Oranges (2008-04-05)

Show 25 album art
0:00:25More snow for Netherlands, JCD: “Al Gore came out of his hole and saw his own shadow”
0:02:08ACC’s invite to Five Cavendish Square club, 2004 Amarone wine; making dinner plans
0:08:04Listener call: “Dvorak wins” on crap TV, ACC on inherent untruthfulness of most TV, highly edited Holland’s Got Talent, honest joy & sorrow, JCD on Amateur Hour and The Gong Show
0:18:37Early US daylight saving time switch still screwing up scheduling, computer clock drift, “double ender” podcast synchronization; downloads up
0:22:38JCD’s cheap PG Tips Special Blend box; JCD’s Fresh and Easy agenda, pre-interviews; Veronica Belmont video with cheap Kodak, Frontline digital transition and small camera use
0:29:58Heathrow Terminal 5 automatic baggage system failure, Naomi Campbell hissy fit over lost suitcase, Denver “baggage mangling”, JCD on bad terminals around the world, ACC story: Moscow Music Peace Festival, plastered Ozzie Osbourne wets himself, Hell’s Angels, JCD on Hotel Mir’s painted-over microphones, hooker corral
0:45:45KD “Bubba” Martin show notes the inspiration for this project; JCD recommends Van Buren AR, wine-growing region, muscadine “grapes the size of a small orange”, “they made a cabernet that was credible”, ACC on weed podcasts; John Dvorak the High Times writer, ACC on Amsterdam smoking contest; JCD on Memphis visit, Graceland and Bill Gates’ first house
0:58:31Caller on Clear Channel takeover by private equity; equal-time rule; Level 3 network issues; ACC Z100 spiel, “theater of the mind”, JCD on Stan Freberg, No Agenda stream idea
1:11:31ACC tries to talk JCD into using Twitter; the art of the subject line, JCD’s SquirrelMail, ACC all-in on Gmail, on MX records
1:20:41Listener message on roasted onions in Danish hot dogs; JCD on similar item in Brazil
1:22:14Three airlines out of business in last week; California freeway shootings; ACC warns against Boeing 777, FAA and carriers in bed together; rigid vs flexible wings, helicopter “blade flap”; ACC’s plan to ask for CBP team leader
1:31:28BBC to blacklist ISPs doing traffic shaping on iPlayer peer-to-peer traffic, Comcast 15Mbps experiment in Minnesota; ACC on Ba Ba Boom game show pilot