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259 Lucy Napolitano in Yemen (2010-12-09)

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0:00:00JCD: “The madness has to end.” ACC: “The madness, stop the madness!” (1:35:40)
0:00:36Notes from ships at sea; PayPal outage due to DDoS attack by outraged Anonymous
0:01:57Producer Segment #1
0:02:54Janet Napolitano on Walmart-DHS “hometown security” collusion; 1984 telescreens; to BJA symposium: violent extremism “radicalized form of violent crime”, need for “community-oriented policing”, $13M for if you see something say something “uh, I don’t wanna say ads, but announcements in Walmart stores across the country”, “soft targets” meme, “when you leave this talk you’re gonna remember a couple of things” due to NLP; JCD predicts chokepoint attack “where you now have to have appointment to get on your plane”
0:22:18Producer Segment #2: Bellingen New South Wales fluoride adoption
0:27:03Mimi opts out of naked body scanner and deploys dosimeter talking point
0:30:16WikiLeaks “National Enquirer for elites”, Von Rompuy griping about being snubbed in Copenhagen, JCD: “catty chitchat”, net neutrality resurrected; Assange at “undisclosed location” studio with long delays, “hiding” at Frontline Club; BBC on China’s threat to US in Africa
0:41:53Andrew Napolitano on government bullying PayPal, Charles Goyette on indifference to Federal Reserve revelations; Ron Paul defends everyman journalists; WikiLeaks for Kindle; JCD on FCC eyeing internet for regulation: “enjoy it while you can”; bogus Norway spiral document 09OSLO337; Napolitano on Hillary Clinton stealing credit cards and First Amendment “fire!
0:55:31Credit card purchasing tracked in real time; JCD on “Lucy Napolitano” telling people to rat on each other, another dumb guy with fake bomb entrapped by FBI, “the crime of stupidity”
0:57:48And Now Back to Real News: America’s Most Wanted Ronni Chasen tip, Beverly Hills police: “preliminarily we believe it was a random act, and we believe Mrs. Chasen was gonna be the victim of a robbery”; HLN “blonde in a new Mercedes” theory; New York Magazine article “Monetizing the Celebrity Meltdown” on Tom Barrack’s Colony Capital celebrity bailout operation; Vanity Fair hit piece on the Quaids; JCD on the rich as perennial mafia targets
1:13:06Donation Segment: PBS cashing in on Michael Jackson; “new human resource”
1:24:40Biodiversit√©e: COP16 in Cancun, shrill EU Climate Commissioner Connie Hedegaard Koksbang addressing audience in winter clothing, “when you put up targets, long-term targets, you also send a very strong signals to investors”, “low-carbon strategy for 2050”; AP on “plan B” geoengineering and growing agave; NOAA scientist: “we need to do ‚Ķ whatever we can to reduce population” to cheers from crowd, “this madness has to end”
1:36:27Producer note on Bill Clinton keynote at Salesforce Conference; Hillary Clinton apologizes to Indian Ambassador for patdown; Bill plugging high-speed rail and Haiti “redevelopment”
1:38:02$800k Architecture for Humanity Haiti office; Daily Finance on thriving Port-au-Prince hotels
1:41:49Trains Good Planes Bad: P. Diddy Last Train to Paris
1:45:24Bill O’Reilly slanders University of Washington professor over assertion that military is a predatory recruiter, “nobody can force anybody to stay in the military, you don’t like it you can leave”; CSI: New York on “unamerican” professor’s chemtrail conspiracy theories; Law & Order: SVU “creep tweets”; “get your heart racing this week on Speed!”
1:57:16American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki marked for death by Obama, “polished production” video, “safe haven” in Yemen; October report: to be killed “if and when he is found in Yemen”, Post-9/11 Pentagon luncheon after FBI interview, “he was vetted, but clearly not very thoroughly”
2:06:54Outro: 3:33 end-of-show clip of triple rant by Andrew Napolitano