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258 Persistent Jet Contrails (2010-12-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “I told her she was spewing old propaganda!”
0:00:40In the morning to boots on the ground and ships at sea in Gulf of Aden
0:01:56Producer Segment: Dutch Zwarte Piet and gift lottery traditions; show number club
0:21:17Ron Paul a WikiLeaks supporter; Julian Assange to The Economist on “initial publishing group”, using press in lieu of data dumps, “political reform” goal, “harm minimization process”
0:33:58Bogus story about arrest of Karzai’s brother; British-sounding Assange’s LSD cult childhood
0:41:42Ben Sherwood named ABC president of news, sister Elizabeth Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for European Affairs, The Survivors Club: The Secrets and Science that Could Save Your Life, JCD on right-wing talkers sponsored by storable food outlets
0:48:13The Arab Lobby author Mitchell Bard on Saudi Arabian top-down approach to lobbying by going directly to administration, “take care of people when they leave office”, Bill Clinton and Middle East Studies Center at University of Arkansas; Saudi-funded schools with Israel missing from maps, anti-Jewish and -Christian textbooks in Fairfax schools; George Clooney’s father on Newseum board, American University School of Communication alumni list, Freedom Forum run by Gannett; Eisenhower’s original “military industrial academic complex”
1:05:13Bard on Saudi concern over Iran, appeasement and nuclear competition options, possibility of direct 9/11 sponsorship, JCD on Wahhabism among the masses; NPR’s $1.8M from Soros
1:10:59Donation Segment: ACC intending to get ham license; jingle requests
1:22:52S.510 Food Safety Modernization Act, DHS Brownshirts outnumbering Marine Corps; Janet Napolitano “count on something happening while you are governor” to Bill Haslan
1:26:59Bob Graham “next four years” crotch bomber WMD prediction, JCD: “if it could blow up a cat it’s a weapon of mass destruction”, Dianne Feinstein “next three to six months” revisited
1:31:11Joe O’Biden “filling in” for Obama in weekly address, JCD: “what is this, the Leno show?
1:34:07Texas judge ordering GPS anklets to keep kids in school to CBC: AG opinion “has confirmed that the use of ankle monitors … is reasonable”, FBI corruption probe, “I installed them on a couple of young people … and it worked!”, “we get an alert that they’re outside of the prescribed zone and therefore we can … send the troops”, full segment for end-of-show
1:39:26ACC’s show opening date botch; Rosalind Peterson on chemtrails “persistent jet contrails” and 2006 NASA Ames geoengineering meeting, term “geoengineering” kept out of textbooks, funding from military, Air Force Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025 paper, “such a capability offers the war fighter tools to shape the battlespace in ways never before possible”, spikes in California drinking water manganese and aluminum, “stewards of the environment” rationale and food supply impacts; JCD on cloud seeding with jet afterburners
1:55:17List of Obama’s actions against CIA
1:56:57Blue Bloods “expand the view” variation on “zoom enhance”
1:58:17“Complete chaos” in Haiti, The Guardian on $732M of $6bn used to resurrect government, 10% election turnout, Célestin posters ripped down, cholera “witchcraft” lynchings; baseballs made in Haiti, Célestin’s connection to cocaine industry, Disney clothing sweatshops
2:05:27Germany ditching euro rumor, potential bank run precipitated by WikiLeaks, JCD on blackmail potential, watch for Germany printing Deutsche Marks
2:11:56Ronni Chasen dead “person of interest” no longer of interest; new Mark David Chapman book
2:13:32German scientists: chewing gum stimulates brain, “added benefit” of sugar-free
2:14:52No Agenda talking points memo to be released soon